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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01Quantitative Identification of Technological Discontinuities박현석
2017-01Tracing technological development trajectories: A genetic knowledge persistence-based main path approach박현석
2017-01Multiprocessor Scheduling of a Multi-mode Dataflow Graph Considering Mode Transition Delay오현옥
2019-02Discovering business diversification opportunities using patent information and open innovation cases박현석
2019-01FAS: Forward secure sequential aggregate signatures for secure logging오현옥
2016-12Design, Development and Implementation of a Smartphone Overdependence Management System for the Self-Control of Smart Devices이욱
2016-12Investigation of Strategic Changes Using Patent Co-Inventor Network Analysis: The Case of Samsung Electronics박현석
2016-12Community Model for Smart TV over the Top Services원영준
2016-12A Study on the Factors Influencing on Repurchase Intentions of Major Web Shopping Sites in China안종창
2016-12A Study on the factors influencing on repurchase intentions of major web shopping sites in china이욱
2016-11Measuring Auto Switch Between Wi-Fi and Mobile Data Networks in an Urban Area원영준
2016-10중소기업 정보화 지원정책 평가 및 지원방향 연구이욱
2016-10An empirical study of the impact of the introduction of information systems on the financial performance of SMES in Korea이욱
2016-10Multiprocessor Scheduling of an SDF Graph with Library Tasks Considering the Worst Case Contention Delay오현옥
2016-09Performance Improvement of Traffic Classification Based on Application Traffic Locality원영준
2016-08하이브리드 SPM을 위한 버퍼 공유를 활용한 새로운 버퍼 매핑 기법오현옥
2016-08Code Optimization Techniques to Reduce Energy Consumption of Multimedia Applications in Hybrid Memory오현옥
2011-07Software synthesis in the ESL methodology for multicore embedded systems오현옥
2013-06Active Disk Meets Flash: A Case for Intelligent SSDs오현옥
2012-11한국 국가 R&D의 학제적 특성 분석 - 특허 공동IPC 연결망 분석의 활용박현석