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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01Identifying technological competition trends for R&D planning using dynamic patent maps: SAO-based content analysis박현석
2013-01Using function-based patent analysis to identify potential application areas of technology for technology transfer박현석
2012-12단어동시출현분석을 통한 한국의 국가 R&D 연구동향에 관한 탐색적 연구박현석
2012-03A Term-based Language for Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling and its Complexity AnalysisKUTZNER ARNE HOLGER
2012-01A parallel and distributed meta-heuristic framework based on partially ordered knowledge sharing오현옥
2012-02Identifying patent infringement using SAO-based semantic technological similarities박현석
2012-06Executing Synchronous Dataflow Graphs on an SPM based Multi-core Architecture오현옥
2012-10An SAO-based text mining approach to building a technology tree for technology planning박현석
2012-06Trust, perceived relationship investment, and the moderating role of regret proneness on continuance intention of online bookstoresClive Carlton Sanford
2012-05Embedded Virtual Reality for Travel Security안종창
2012-05병렬 분산 메타-휴리스틱 프레임워크오현옥
2013-06A patent intelligence system for strategic technology planning박현석
2013-06IT 거버넌스 통제에 대한 조직원의 심리적 반발요인에 대한 연구안종창
2012-11모바일 지갑 사용 추천 의향과 확산 거부에 대한 연구안종창
2012-11Microcontroller Configuration을 위한 Small Scale Registry 컨셉트KUTZNER ARNE HOLGER
2016-04Product opportunity identification based on internal capabilities using text mining and association rule mining박현석
2012-12An approach for failure recognition in IP-based industrial control networks and systems원영준
2011-04사용자 만족도에 따른 정보시스템 성공요인의 인식차이에 관한 연구이석기
2012-08A Study of Knowledge Management System Activation Methods Based on Knowledge Market Theory안종창
2016-043D Structure, Dimerization Modeling, and Lead Discovery by Ligand-protein Interaction Analysis of p60 Transcription Regulator Protein (p60TRP)KUTZNER, ARNE HOLGER