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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-12Adaptive Matching Transmitter With Dual-Band Antenna for Intraoral Tongue Drive System유형석
2018-12Observer-based backstepping control method using reduced lateral dynamics for autonomous lane-keeping system정정주
2018-12Vehicle Path Prediction Using Yaw Acceleration for Adaptive Cruise Control정정주
2018-12A Miniaturized Triple-Band Implantable Antenna System for Bio-Telemetry Applications유형석
2018-12Nonlinear Steering Wheel Angle Control Using Self-Aligning Torque with Torque and Angle Sensors for Electrical Power Steering of Lateral Control System in Autonomous Vehicles정정주
2018-12Optical properties of monolayer bismuthene in electric fieldsMing-Chieh Lin
2018-12Sensorless Direct Torque Control Using the Inductance Inflection Point for a Switched Reluctance Motor김래영
2018-12Traces of cathode glow in atmospheric surface dielectric barrier discharge정규선
2018-12A High Efficient Piezoelectric Windmill using Magnetic Force for Low Wind Speed in Wireless Sensor Networks성태현
2018-11On the Feasibility of Using an Ear-EEG to Develop an Endogenous Brain-Computer Interface임창환
2018-11New Method for Pure-Tone Audiometry Using Electrooculogram: A Proof-of-Concept Study임창환
2018-11A Study on Output Characteristics of the Spherical Multi-DOF Motor According to the Number of Phases and Pole Pitch Angles이주
2018-11Design, Modeling, and Analysis of a Railway Traction Motor With Independently Rotating Wheelsets이주
2018-11철도차량용 매입형 영구자석 동기전동기의 정적해석 기반연동 해석 방법 연구이주
2018-11Optimal Design of an Ultra-Premium-Efficiency PMA-Synchronous Reluctance Motor With the Winding Method and Stator Parameters to Reduce Flux Leakage and Minimize Torque Pulsations이주
2018-11Discrete-Time LPV H-2 Observer With Nonlinear Bounded Varying Parameter and Its Application to the Vehicle State Observer정정주
2018-11비상발전기용량 산정식 개선에 관한 연구김진오
2018-11Ultrathin gutter layer for high-performance thin-film composite membranes for CO2 separation정진욱
2018-11Efficient and quantitative analysis of photon density of states for two-dimensional photonic crystals with omnidirectional light propagationMing-Chieh Lin