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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10An Improved Saliency-based Sensorless Drive with Single Current Sensor using Current Prediction Method for Permanent-magnet Synchronous Motors김래영
2016-10An Improved Single-Phase Zero-Voltage Transition Soft-Switching Inverter with a Subtractive Coupled Inductor Auxiliary Circuit김래영
2016-10A High Efficiency LLC Resonant Converter with Wide Ranged Output Voltage using Adaptive Turn Ratio Scheme for a Li-ion Battery Charger김래영
2016-10코깅토크 및 토크리플 저감을 위한 철도차량용 IPMSM 설계 기법 연구이주
2016-10철도차량구동용 영구자석전동기의 주행성능 개선을 위한 제어 기법에 관한 연구이주
2016-10차세대 고속철도차량용 IPMSM의 온라인 파라미터 추정을 통한 강인제어기법 연구이주
2016-10무가선 트램용 마그네틱 기어 설계 및 경향성 분석을 통한 토크 리플 저감 연구이주
2016-10광명역 고속철도 역사를 활용한 1.5MW급 태양광발전시스템 설계 연구이주
2016-10A Low Cost Lithium-Ion Battery Tester with a Zero Voltage Discharge Capability김래영
2016-09Adaptive Temperature Control System for LED Array Systems배성우
2016-09Effect of Sensors on the Reliability and Control Performance of Power Circuits in the Web of Things (WoT)배성우
2016-09Motor imagery learning across a sequence of trials in stroke patients임창환
2016-09Relative impact of amyloid-beta, lacunes, and downstream imaging markers on cognitive trajectories이종민
2016-09A Comparison of Substantia Nigra T1 Hyperintensity in Parkinson's Disease Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease and Age-Matched Controls: Volumetric Analysis of Neuromelanin Imaging이종민
2016-09Study of New PMSM Design for Leakage Magnetic Flux Reduction이주
2016-09A Study on the Transformer Design considering the Inrush Current Reduction in the Arc Welding Machine이주
2016-093레벨 NPC 컨버터의 파워스택 설계에 관한 연구이주
2016-09Phase Shift Calibration Method in Optical Sinusoidal Encoder Signals Applied to Servo Track Writer정정주
2016-09Fast and Robust Real-Time Estimation of Respiratory Rate from Photoplethysmography임창환
2016-09Data-Driven User Feedback: An Improved Neurofeedback Strategy considering the Interindividual Variability of EEG Features임창환