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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08Analysis of Hydraulic Fracture Propagating Performance with Geomechanical Characteristics in Naturally Fractured Shale Formations성원모
2016-08미소진동 자료를 이용한 EGS 사이트에서의 효율적인 모니터링 알고리듬 개발변중무
2013-12고해상도 Boostrapped Differential Semblance를 이용한 자동 속도분석변중무
2013-03The effects of stress path due to underground excavation on the hydraulic conductivity characteristics of jointed rock mass문현구
2013-03Type Curves for Pressure Transient Analysis of Horizontal Wells in Shale Gas Reservoirs이근상
2016-07Struvite precipitation under changing ionic conditions in synthetic wastewater: Experiment and modelingKUMAR, RAHUL
2016-07Enhancement of continuous fermentative bioethanol production using combined treatment of mixed microalgal biomass전병훈
2016-07Integrated reservoir flow and geomechanical model to generate type curves for pressure transient responses of a hydraulically-fractured well in shale gas reservoirs이근상
2016-07Struvite precipitation under changing ionic conditions in synthetic wastewater: Experiment and modeling전병훈
2016-06Preferential CO oxidation over supported Pt catalysts전병훈
2016-06Cultivation and harvesting of microalgae in photobioreactor for biodiesel production and simultaneous nutrient removal전병훈
2011-06Estimation of Q from Zero-offset VSP data in Gas Hydrate-bearing Zone변중무
2011-04Degradation of thiram in water, soil and plants: a study by high‐performance liquid chromatographyRAHUL KUMAR
2011-01Abiotic subsurface behaviors of As(V) with Fe(II)전병훈
2016-06Analysis on caprock and aquifer properties related with leakage during CO˂inf˃2˂/inf˃ storage이근상
2016-06Application of type curves for pressure transient analysis of multiple fractured horizontal wells in shale gas reservoirs이근상
2016-06Analysis of methane recovery through CO2-N-2 mixed gas injection considering gas diffusion phenomenon in coal seam성원모
2016-06복층터널에서 중간슬래브와 측압계수에 따른 세그먼트 라이닝의 거동분석문현구
2016-06Wavelet-based multicomponent matching pursuit trace interpolation변중무
2016-06CO2 Plume Migration with Gravitational, Viscous, and Capillary Forces in Saline Aquifers성원모