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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10염수에서 실리카나노입자와 양성이온성 계면활성제를 이용한 석유회수증진에 관한 연구성원모
2016-10폐 CPU 칩의 해체장치 제작 및 성능 평가박재구
2016-09지반 및 라이닝 열화 계측 정보를 반영한 해저 터널의 안정성 평가문현구
2016-09복층터널 내부슬래브의 연결형식에 관한 수치해석적 연구문현구
2010-12Activity of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria in Successive Alkalinity Producing System: Part I- Effect of Temperature전병훈
2010-12An experimental study on the productivity of dissociated gas from gas hydrate by depressurization scheme성원모
2010-12원유회수증진을 위한 microseismic monitoring 기법 연구변중무
2010-12고래 V 구조내 대염수층에 노달분석을 통한 CO2 주입 최적 설계성원모
2016-09Compositional modeling of hybrid CO2 FOR with intermediate hydrocarbon solvents to analyze the effect of toluene on asphaltene deposition이근상
2016-09심부 터널 주변 과응력 암반의 취성파괴 수치모델링문현구
2016-08Harvesting of freshwater microalgae Scenedesmus obliquus and Chlorella vulgaris using acid mine drainage as a cost effective flocculant for biofuel production전병훈
2016-08Identification of nitrogen dioxide and ozone source regions for an urban area in Korea using back trajectory analysis전병훈
2016-08Simulation-based optimization of gas condensate wells to mitigate the heavy hydrocarbon condensation through supercritical CO2 injection이근상
2016-08Maximum power point tracking to increase the power production and treatment efficiency of a continuously operated flat-plate microbial fuel cell전병훈
2016-08Microbial Activation of Bacillus subtilis-Immobilized Microgel Particles for Enhanced Oil Recovery성원모
2016-08Analysis of Hydraulic Fracture Propagating Performance with Geomechanical Characteristics in Naturally Fractured Shale Formations성원모
2016-08미소진동 자료를 이용한 EGS 사이트에서의 효율적인 모니터링 알고리듬 개발변중무
2013-12고해상도 Boostrapped Differential Semblance를 이용한 자동 속도분석변중무
2013-03The effects of stress path due to underground excavation on the hydraulic conductivity characteristics of jointed rock mass문현구
2013-03Type Curves for Pressure Transient Analysis of Horizontal Wells in Shale Gas Reservoirs이근상