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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01Switchable voltage offset in a Heusler alloy-based magnetic tunnel junction박완준
2019-01인공지능 기반의 물체 인식 및 파지서일홍
2019-01Loop-type ground radiation antenna for a C-shaped ground plane김형동
2019-015G 단말용 28 GHz 배열안테나의 안테나 타입별 성능 비교 연구최재훈
2019-03WLS Localization Using Skipped Filter, Hampel Filter, Bootstrapping and Gaussian Mixture EM in LOS/NLOS Conditions장준혁
2019-06Shrinkage sinusoidal phase estimation based on spherical simplex unscented transform and bootstrap method장준혁
2019-03Online Steepest Descent Optimization of Muting Technique Parameters in ITU-T G.722 Frame Erasure Concealment장준혁
2019-02Smart Wristwatches Employing Finger-Conducted Voice Transmission System장준혁
2019-02Ensemble of jointly trained deep neural network-based acoustic models for reverberant speech recognition장준혁
2019-03Robust TOA source localisation algorithm using prior location장준혁
2019-01Dempster-Shafer fusion based on a deep Boltzmann machine for blood pressure estimation장준혁
2019-01Robust Shrinkage Range Estimation Algorithms Based on Hampel and Skipped Filters장준혁
2019-01DNN based multi-speaker speech synthesis with temporal auxiliary speaker ID embedding장준혁
2019-06Probabilistic Modeling of Reaction Force/Torque through Data Transformation and Entropy Analysis서일홍
2018-12Connectivity Information-Aided Belief Propagation for Cooperative Localization김선우
2018-12Closed-Form Formulas of Input Impedance and Axial Ratio of a Circular Patch With Perturbation Segments정경영
2018-12Radiation from a Cavity-Backed Circular Aperture Array Antenna Enclosed by an FSS Radome정경영
2018-12GNU Radio와 TI DSP의 NDK를 이용한 LTE SDR 플랫폼 구현최승원
2018-12TMS320C6670 기반 LTE-A PDSCH 디코더 구현최승원
2018-12범용 DSP를 이용한 RRS 기반 기지국 통신 플랫폼 구현최승원