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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06Probabilistic Modeling of Reaction Force/Torque through Data Transformation and Entropy Analysis서일홍
2018-12Connectivity Information-Aided Belief Propagation for Cooperative Localization김선우
2018-12Closed-Form Formulas of Input Impedance and Axial Ratio of a Circular Patch With Perturbation Segments정경영
2018-12Radiation from a Cavity-Backed Circular Aperture Array Antenna Enclosed by an FSS Radome정경영
2018-12GNU Radio와 TI DSP의 NDK를 이용한 LTE SDR 플랫폼 구현최승원
2018-12TMS320C6670 기반 LTE-A PDSCH 디코더 구현최승원
2018-12범용 DSP를 이용한 RRS 기반 기지국 통신 플랫폼 구현최승원
2018-12A Fast and Highly Accurate Battery Charger With Accurate Built-In Resistance Detection권오경
2018-12An Ultra-Low-Power 16-Bit Second-Order Incremental ADC With SAR-Based Integrator for IoT Sensor Applications권오경
2018-12Location-Aware Self-Optimization for Interference Management in Ultra-Dense Small Cell Networks신동준
2018-12Relationship between the Order for Motor Skill Transfer and Motion Complexity in Reinforcement Learning서일홍
2018-12Vertical Channel NAND Flash Structure using DSCG(Double-Side-Control-Gate) to Reduce Cell to Cell Interference송윤흡
2018-11Achieving High Mobility in IGTO Thin-Film Transistors at a Low Temperature via Film Densification정재경
2018-11Continuous-time linear equalizer with automatic boosting gain adaptation and input offset cancellation유창식
2018-11Design of a Hemispherical Reconfigurable Frequency Selective Surface Using Water Channels정경영
2018-11A Compact, Wideband, Two-Port Substrate-Integrated Waveguide Antenna With a Central, Double-Slotted, Metallic Plate Flanked by Two Paired of Corrugations for Radar Applications최재훈
2018-11Fabrication of n-TiO2 hollow spheres monolayer-based UV detectors with different-sized nanospheres박진섭
2018-11Long-Range Drone Detection of 24 G FMCW Radar with E-plane Sectoral Horn Array김선우
2018-11Decoupler Design for MIMO Antennas of USB Dongle Applications Using Ground Mode Coupling Analysis김형동
2018-11Selective NO2 sensor based on Bi2O3 branched SnO2 nanowires김태환