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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01Room temperature pH-dependent ammonia gas sensors using graphene quantum dots김태환
2016-01Carrier transport and memory mechanisms of multilevel resistive memory devices with an intermediate state based on double-stacked organic/inorganic nanocomposites김태환
2016-01On the Properties of Cubic Metric for OFDM Signals신동준
2016-01High-Accuracy, Compact Scanning Method and Circuit for Resistive Sensor Arrays최병덕
2016-01Effects of the radio-frequency sputtering power of an MgO tunneling barrier on the tunneling magneto-resistance ratio for Co2Fe6B2/MgO-based perpendicular-magnetic tunnel junctions박재근
2016-01영상 잡음 제거를 위한 주성분 분석 기반 비지역적 평균 알고리즘의 효율적인 공분산 행렬 계산 방법정제창
2016-01물결모양 구조를 갖는 광대역 슬롯 안테나최재훈
2016-01Quadruple Band-Notched Trapezoid UWB Antenna with Reduced Gains in Notch Bands최재훈
2016-01Novel Beamforming and User Scheduling Algorithm for Inter Cell Interference Cancellation최승원
2016-01A Low-Noise and Area-Efficient PWM-Delta Sigma ADC Using a Single-Slope Quantizer for CMOS Image Sensors권오경
2016-01Modeling and evaluating Gaussian mixture model based on motion granularity서일홍
2016-01Touch stimulated pulse generation in biomimetic single-layer graphene이승백
2016-01Multi-Layer Multi-Feature Background Subtraction Using Codebook Model Framework김회율
2016-01A HDMI-to-MHL video format conversion system-on-chip (SoC) for mobile handset in a 130-nm CMOS technology유창식
2016-01A Pairing Algorithm of Range Information Between Multiple IR-UWB Radar Sensors조성호
2016-01A simple sonochemical approach of Mn2+ doped ZnO nanopowder: structural, optical and magnetic studies박진섭
2016-01Advanced Motion Vector Smoothing For Frame Rate Up-Conversion정제창
2016-01Design and Implementation of network simulation platform for WAVE protocols이상선
2016-01Network Simulator Design Based Event-driven scheduling for Multi-channel operation in WAVE이상선
2016-01High Performance Metal Oxide Field-Effect Transistors with a Reverse Offset Printed Cu Source/Drain Electrode정재경