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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11Solution-Processed, Flexible, and Transparent Non-Volatile Memory With Embedded Graphene Quantum Dots in Polymethylsilsesquioxane Layers김태환
2015-11동일한 움직임 벡터들의 방향과 크기를 고려한 프레임율 증가기법정제창
2015-11Pattern Transformation Method for Digital Camera with Bayer-Like White-RGB Color Filter Array정정화
2015-11An Associative Memory Device Using a Magnetic Tunnel Junction박완준
2015-11Fabrication of a Flexible Graphene Pressure Sensor박완준
2015-11A tactile sensor using a graphene film formed by the reduced graphene oxide flakes and its detection of surface morphology박완준
2015-11Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy for CoFeBZr/MgO박완준
2015-11Perpendicular Magnetization of Ta/Ru/Ta/Co/Fe/MgO Multilayer박완준
2015-11Analysis of hardware modular inversion modules for elliptic curve cryptography김동규
2015-11AMI authentication method based on hardware public key certificate using unique identifier김동규
2015-11Analysis of Masking Effects on DPA Countermeasure for Lightweight Cryptographic Algorithms김동규
2015-11More Results on the Joint Statistics of Partial Sums of Ordered Random Variates with Applications조성호
2015-11Compact dual-band antenna using inverted-L loop and inner rectangular loop for WLAN applications김형동
2015-11Effect of capacitor position on radiation patterns of ground radiation antenna김형동
2015-11Co2Fe6B2/MgO-based perpendicular spin-transfer-torque magnetic-tunnel-junction spin-valve without [Co/Pt](n) lower synthetic-antiferromagnetic layer박재근
2015-11Conditional termination check min-sum algorithm for efficient LDPC decoders정기석
2015-11An Implementation and Verification of V2X WAVE Protocol with Power Adjustment Algorithm based on Korean Road Scenarios정재일
2015-11영상 분할을 통한 Richardson-Lucy 디컨벌루션 개선 알고리듬정제창
2015-11지역 최빈값과 가중치에 기반한 히스토그램 평활화정제창
2015-11구간별 히스토그램 평활화를 이용한 HDR 톤 맵핑정제창