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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10Automatic Modulation Classification in Practical Wireless Channels윤동원
2016-10Deep Neural Network-Based Automatic Modulation Classification Technique윤동원
2016-10ETSI Reconfigurable Radio System - Standard Architecture and Radio Application최승원
2016-10스마트 캠퍼스 구축을 위한 IR-UWB Radar기반의 스마트 센서 구현조성호
2016-10상대적 로그 비용함수 기반의 인접 투사 부호 알고리즘남상원
2016-10Implementation of Analyzing MAC header of WSM using WAVE module and USRP-RIO with LabVIEW Communication이상선
2016-10Impact of contact resistance on memory window in phase-change random access memory (PCRAM)송윤흡
2016-10ETSI Reconfigurable Radio System - Standard Interfaces for Radio Reconfiguration최승원
2016-10An Intelligent Interface Selection Scheme for Vehicular Communication System Using LTE and IEEE 802.11p이상선
2016-10Online Calibration for LTE-Based Antenna Array System최승원
2016-10A low-area 10b column driver with resistor-resistor-string DAC for mobile active-matrix LCDs최병덕
2016-10Low-power counter for column-parallel CMOS image sensors최병덕
2016-10Analysis of magnetic photonic crystals using complex envelope ADI-FDTD method정경영
2016-10Efficiency Improvement of Mobile Antenna by Controlling Ground Structure김형동
2016-10Design of an All-textile Antenna Integrated in Military Beret for GPS/RFID Applications최재훈
2016-10High performance DRAM architecture with split row buffer정기석
2016-10Performance enhancement of ground radiation antenna for Z-wave applications using tunable metal loads김형동
2016-10Compact Quad-band Slot Antenna for GPS L1, WiMAX, and WLAN Applications최재훈
2016-10Design of an All-dielectric Band-stop Frequency Selective Surface최재훈
2016-10A Novel Method for Inter-Cell Interference Cancelation in Cellular Networks최승원