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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-03A block-based adaptive three stages motion estimation using early termination for anti-shaking정정화
2011-03Solution-processable fullerene derivatives for organic photovoltaics and n-type thin-film transistors박재근
2011-03차량간 안전 통신에서 짧은 지연시간을 보장하는 비콘 스케줄링 알고리즘정재일
2011-03T-DMB 하이브리드 데이터 서비스 Part 1: 하이브리드 서비스 저작 프레임워크정제창
2011-02ISO 15765 기반의 차량진단 프로토콜 통합을 위한 초기화 과정 연구정재일
2011-03Recognition and Incremental Learning of Scenario-Oriented Human Behavior Patterns by Two Threshold Models서일홍
2011-02Implementation of DSRC Mobile MAC for VANET이상선
2011-03Design of a MIMO Antenna with Improved Isolation Using Meta-material최재훈
2011-02Design of a MIMO Antenna for USB Dongle Applications Using Common Grounding최재훈
2011-02Design of a Folded-cascode UWB Low Noise Amplifier with Low Power최재훈
2011-02PAPR Performance of Dual Carrier Modulation using Improved Data Allocation Scheme박상규
2012-05Significant enhancement of the power conversion efficiency for organic photovoltaic cells due to a P3HT pillar layer containing ZnSe quantum dots김태환
2011-02자기공명방식의 무선전력전송용 공진기 설계최재훈
2012-05Experimental Outage Capacity Analysis for Off-body Wireless Body Area Network Channel with Transmit Diversity최재훈
2012-05A Highly Power-Efficient LED Backlight Driving System for LCD TVs권오경
2012-05Design of an Indoor Repeater Antenna with the Improved Isolation Using Metamaterial Absorber최재훈
2012-05Design of an Implantable Antenna for WBAN Application최재훈
2011-06리츠 와이어를 이용한 무선전력전송용 공진기 효율 분석최재훈
2012-06Stable Chiral Hybrid In-Plane-Switching Mode for Transparent Display유창재
2014-07A graphene force sensor with pressure-amplifying structure박완준