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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-12녹색 의류생산과 관리 : 친환경 리싸이클 의류 및 섬유제품김성훈
2010-12기모공정에 따른 나노은입자함유 경편성물의 제품 특성에 관한 연구정성훈
2010-12열가공으로 제조된 PVDF/PMMA 블렌드 필름의 물성변화 연구김성훈
2010-12니트 소재의 선호도 세분화에 따른 주관적 태와 감성 비교김성훈
2010-12고밀도 극세사 닦음포의 고기능화김성훈
2010-10-29Shape-controlled fabrication of polypyrrole microstructures by replicating organic crystals through electrostatic interactions임승순
2010-11Investigation of Properties of the PET Film Dependent on the Biaxial Stretching김성훈
2016-09Rheological Properties of PAN/DMF Spinning Solutions and Physical Properties of Conducting Carbon Nanofibers Prepared by Electrospinning and Carbonization김병철
2016-08Fabrication of castor-oil/polycaprolactone based bio-polyurethane foam reinforced with nanocellulose김성훈
2016-08Design of Spinning and Subsequent Drawing Parameters to Improve the Mechanical Properties of PVA Fibers김병철
2016-08Human Hair: A Suitable Platform for Catalytic Nanoparticles김성훈
2016-07Effect of conformation on the properties of uniaxially drawn polylacide films upon drawing temperature김성훈
2016-07Flexible and conductive cotton fabric counter electrode coated with graphene nanosheets for high efficiency dye sensitized solar cell정성훈
2011-08Synthesis of double wall microcapsules of M-F composite, determining its encapsulation efficiency and shell yield with suitable pH조창기
2011-03Graphene Oxide Liquid Crystals한태희
2011-07Electrospinning of Porphyrin/Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Nanofibers and Their Acid Vapor Sensing Capability안희준
2011-05Graphene Electrodes for Artificial Muscles한태희
2011-01Improved Oxygen Diffusion Barrier Properties of Ruthenium-Titanium Nitride Thin Films Prepared by Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition한태희
2011-01Electrospun Nano Composites of Poly(vinyl pyrrolidone)/Nano-Silver for Antibacterial Materials정성훈
2011-01Effect of Nano Sized Silver on Electrospun Nylon-6 Fiber정성훈