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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-05Characteristic dynamic rheological responses of nematic poly(p-phenylene terephthalamide) and cholesteric hydroxypropyl cellulose phases김병철
2012-05Nitrogen-doped ZnO shells: Studies on optical transparency and electrical conductivity안희준
2014-0125th Anniversary Article: Chemically Modified/Doped Carbon Nanotubes & Graphene for Optimized Nanostructures & Nanodevices한태희
2012-11Micropatterning of aligned polydiacetylene fibers using micromolding in capillaries (MIMIC)안희준
2012-03Variation of physical properties of nylon-66/clay nanocomposites with preparation conditions김병철
2012-03Aligned nickel-cobalt hydroxide nanorod arrays for electrochemical pseudocapacitor applications안희준
2012-10Camphorsulfonic Acid-Doped Polyaniline Transparent Counter Electrode for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells임승순
2012-03Effect of self-assembly supramolecules on the electrical properties of polyaniline based hole transport layer김성훈
2012-10Antimicrobial activity of organic photosensitizers embedded in electrospun nylon 6 nanofibers김성훈
2012-10A facile route to fabricate stable reduced graphene oxide dispersions in various media and their transparent conductive thin films한태희
2012-01Biomineralized N-Doped CNT/TiO2 Core/Shell Nanowires for Visible Light Photocatalysis한태희
2012-06Self-assembly supramolecules to enhance electrical conductivity of polyaniline for a flexible organic solar cells anode김성훈
2011-06Chemical synthesis and electrochemical analysis of nickel cobaltite nanostructures for supercapacitor applications안희준
2011-06Spherical polypyrrole nanoparticles as a highly efficient counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells임승순
2011-01Biomimetic mineralization of vertical N-doped carbon nanotubes한태희
2011-01Biomimetic mineralization of vertical N-doped carbon nanotubes한태희
2016-05The Respective Roles of Metal Salts in The Dissolution Process of Poly(1-oxotrimethylene) in Their Aqueous Solutions김병철
2016-05Effect of the Heat Treatment on the Dimensional Stability of Si Electrodes with PVDF Binder조창기
2016-05Juniperus chinensis extracts loaded PVA nanofiber: Enhanced antibacterial activity임승순
2016-05Decrosslinking reaction kinetics of silane-crosslinked polyethylene in sub- and supercritical fluids김성훈