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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11Measurements of directed, elliptic, and triangular flow in Cu plus Au collisions at root sNN=200 GeV김용균
2016-10Layer-by-layer carbon nanotube coatings for enhanced pool boiling heat transfer on metal surfaces김성중
2016-10A Sensitivity Analysis of Modified Input Parameters of GASDOS for a Representative Person Concept제무성
2016-10A Study on Accident Sequence Analysis for a Heavy Ion Accelerator, RAON제무성
2016-10Gap Analysis Between Single-unit and Multi-unit PSAs for Korean NPPs제무성
2016-10Development of ASP Methodology and its Application to the Significant Accident Precursors제무성
2016-10A Study on the Off-site Consequence Analysis for a VHTR제무성
2016-10Characteristics of Plastic Scintillators Fabricated by a Polymerization Reaction이철호
2016-10Measurement of Neutron Energy Spectrum Emitted by Cf-252 Source Using Time-of-Flight Method김용균
2016-10Decay Time Measurement for Different Energy Depositions of Plastic Scintillator Fabricated by High Temperature Polymerization Reaction김용균
2016-10Enhanced pool boiling critical heat flux induced by capillary wicking effect of a Cr-sputtered superhydrophilic surfaces김성중
2016-10Two Dimensional Verification of the Dose Distribution of Gamma Knife Model C using Monte Carlo Simulation with a Virtual Source김용균
2016-10An Estimation of Human Error Probability of Filtered Containment Venting System Using Dynamic HRA Method제무성
2016-10Contribution of the Exposure Pathways After a Severe Accident제무성
2016-10An Assessment for a Filtered Containment Venting Strategy Using Decision Tree Models제무성
2016-10An Assessment for Emergency Preparedness Plan in Hanul Nuclear Power Plant제무성
2016-10Identification of Initiating Events for PGSFR제무성
2016-10Hydrogen Beam Extraction of Penning Ion Source for Compact Neutron Generator김용균
2016-09Effects of flow obstacles on pool boiling critical heat flux of a downward-facing metal heater전규동
2016-09Development of skeletal system for mesh-type ICRP reference adult phantoms김찬형