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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-12-01Rapid and cost-effective method for synthesizing zirconium silicides김용수
2016-09Development of skeletal system for mesh-type ICRP reference adult phantoms김찬형
2016-08CFD Analysis of Natural Convection Flow Characteristics of Various Gases in the Spent Fuel Dry Storage System김성중
2016-08beta decay of semi-magic Cd-130: Revision and extension of the level scheme of In-130김용균
2016-08Construction of new skin models and calculation of skin dose coefficients for electron exposures김찬형
2013-07Construction and Characterization of Neutron Monitor at Daejeon, Korea김용균
2016-07Use of Decision Trees for Evaluating Severe Accident Management Strategies in Nuclear Power Plants제무성
2016-07Development of safety injection flow map associated with target depressurization for effective severe accident management of OPR1000김성중
2016-07Design status of KOBRA for rare isotope production and direct measurements of radiative capture cross sections김용균
2016-07Spectroscopic and microstructural characterization of 18 MeV He+ ions irradiated pure Al김용수
2016-07Variation in Practice Patterns of Korean Radiation Oncologists for Spine Metastasis between 2009 and 2014정윤선
2011-12Ionization Cross Sections for Low Energy Electron Transport김찬형
2011-03A Study on Methodology for Identifying Correlations Between LERF and EF제무성
2011-02A probabilistic cost assessment of a nuclear reactor accident focused on evacuation and radiological health effects이재기
2013-10Negative Improvements, Relative Validity and Elusive Goodness김찬형
2013-08Intrinsic Rotation Driven by Non-Maxwellian Equilibria in Tokamak Plasmas이정표
2013-08An overview of KSTAR results김용균
2013-08Shape evolution in Ru-116,Ru-118: Triaxiality and transition between the O(6) and U(5) dynamical symmetries김용균
2011-05Explicit modeling of timing characteristics in Compton camera simulation with Geant4김찬형