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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05Hot corrosion behaviour of nickel-cobalt-based alloys in a lithium molten salt김용수
2019-05Comparison Study on Dose Estimation among Consequence Analysis Codes제무성
2019-05A Development of Database Management Application for Level 1 Multi-unit PSA제무성
2019-05Identification of Factors Affecting Evacuation Time Estimates in Seismic Events제무성
2019-053-D Look-Up Table for Multi-Unit Accidents Assessment제무성
2019-05A Preliminary Site Risk Assessment for Multi-unit Nuclear Power Plants제무성
2019-05An Analysis of Economic Factors for Level 3 PSA제무성
2019-05An Evaluation of Severe Accident Management Strategy Using PORVs in SGTR Accident제무성
2019-05An Assessment of Fission Product Release Mitigation by CFVS at ECF using MELCOR 2.2제무성
2019-07A Study on the NF3 Plasma Etching Reaction with Cobalt Oxide Grown on Inconel Base Metal Surface김용수
2018-12Meso-scale multi-physics full coupling within porous CRUD deposits on nuclear fuel김성중
2018-12Subcooling effect on boiling heat transfer of inclined downward-facing surface under low flow and pressure김성중
2018-12Feasibility Study of Beta Detector for Small Leak Detection inside the Reactor Containment김용균
2018-12GEANT4-based Monte Carlo Simulation of Beam Quality Correction Factors for the Leksell Gamma Knife (R) Perfexion김용균
2018-11Numerical investigation of in-vessel core coolability of PWR through an effective safety injection flow model using MELCOR simulation김성중
2018-11Nth-order multi-response CADIS method to optimize regional variances in a hybrid Monte Carlo simulation김종경
2018-11Measurement of phi-meson production at forward rapidity in p plus p collisions at root s=510 GeV and its energy dependence from root s=200 GeV to 7 TeV김용균
2018-11Clinical implementation of Dosimetry Check (TM) for TomoTherapy((R)) delivery quality assurance정윤선
2018-11Production of pi(0) and eta mesons in Cu plus Au collisions at root S-NN=200 GeV김용균
2018-10A new propagation analysis of statistical uncertainty in multi-group cross sections generated by Monte Carlo method김종경