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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11A carbon-free ruthenium oxide/mesoporous titanium dioxide electrode for lithium-oxygen batteries이윤정
2015-11A carbon-free ruthenium oxide/mesoporous titanium dioxide electrode for lithium-oxygen batteries선양국
2015-11Study of the Most Relevant Aspects Related to Hard Carbons as Anode Materials for Na-ion Batteries, Compared with Li-ion Systems선양국
2015-11A Promising Na3V2(PO4)(3)/Ag+ Graphene Composites as Cathode Material for Hybrid Lithium Batteries이영무
2015-11Preparation of silver nanowires coated with TiO2 using chemical binder and their applications as photoanodes in dye sensitized solar cell강용수
2015-11Enhanced CO2 separation performance of polymer composite membranes through the synergistic effect of 1,3,5-benzenetricarboxylic acid강용수
2015-11Crystalline Matrix of Mesoporous TiO2 Framework for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Application강용수
2015-11Accelerated CO2 transport on surface of AgO nanoparticles in ionic liquid BMIMBF4강용수
2015-11Green Strategy to Single Crystalline Anatase TiO2 Nanosheets with Dominant (001) Facets and Its Lithiation Study toward Sustainable Cobalt-Free Lithium Ion Full Battery선양국
2015-11Gas separation membranes made through thermal rearrangement of ortho-methoxypolyimides이영무
2015-11Surface Modification of TiO2 Photoanodes with Fluorinated Self-Assembled Monolayers for Highly Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells강용수
2015-11Carbon-doped ZnO submicron spheres functionalized with carboxylate groups and effect of dispersion stability in the colloidal system for high photocatalytic activity강용수
2015-11A high-capacity Li[Ni0.8Co0.06Mn0.14]O-2 positive electrode with a dual concentration gradient for next-generation lithium-ion batteries선양국
2015-10High surface area, mesoporous carbon for low-polarization, catalyst-free lithium oxygen battery선양국
2015-10Solution-Processed Transistors Using Colloidal Nanocrystals with Composition-Matched Molecular "Solders": Approaching Single Crystal Mobility장재영
2015-10Interphase Evolution of a Lithium-Ion/Oxygen Battery선양국
2015-10Nanotechnology enabled rechargeable Li-SO2 batteries: another approach towards post-lithium-ion battery systems김한수
2015-09A room-temperature sodium rechargeable battery using an SO2-based nonflammable inorganic liquid catholyte김한수
2015-09Ultrafast sodium storage in anatase TiO2 nanoparticles embedded on carbon nanotubes선양국
2015-09Graphene as an Interfacial Layer for Improving Cycling Performance of Si Nanowires in Lithium-Ion Batteries백운규