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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08Room Temperature Magnesium Electrorefining by Using Non-Aqueous Electrolyte김한수
2016-08Microstructural Tuning of Si/TiFeSi2 Nanocomposite as Lithium Storage Materials by Mechanical Deformation김한수
2016-08Formation of Ni-Co-MoS2 Nanoboxes with Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity for Hydrogen Evolution백운규
2016-08Si/SiOx-Conductive Polymer Core-Shell Nanospheres with an Improved Conducting Path Preservation for Lithium-Ion Battery김한수
2016-08Effect of nickel and iron on structural and electrochemical properties of O3 type layer cathode materials for sodium-ion batteries선양국
2016-08Unveiling the sodium intercalation properties in Na-1.86 square Fe-0.14(3)(PO4)(3)선양국
2011-03Developments in electrohydrodynamic forming: Fabricating nanomaterials from charged liquids via electrospinning and electrosprayingWolfgang M. Sigmund
2013-12Practical Multigram Synthesis of 3,3,3 ',3 '-Tetramethyl-1,1,1 '-spirobisindane-5,5 '-diamino-6,6 '-diol이영무
2016-07Li-O-2 cells with LiBr as an electrolyte and a redox mediator선양국
2016-07Microporous PVDF membranes via thermally induced phase separation (TIPS) and stretching methods이영무
2016-07Wavelength conversion effect-assisted dye-sensitized solar cells for enhanced solar light harvesting강용수
2016-07Simultaneous fluorination of active material and conductive agent for improving the electrochemical performance of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 electrode for lithium-ion batteries김한수
2016-07Hierarchical MoS2 tubular structures internally wired by carbon nanotubes as a highly stable anode material for lithium-ion batteries백운규
2016-07Comparative Study of Ni-Rich Layered Cathodes for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries: Li[Ni0.85Co0.11Al0.04]O2 and Li[Ni0.84Co0.06Mn0.09Al0.01]O2 with Two-Step Full Concentration Gradients선양국
2016-07An Alternative Approach to Enhance the Performance of High Sulfur-Loading Electrodes for Li−S Batteries선양국
2016-07A Scaled-Up Lithium (Ion)-Sulfur Battery: Newly Faced Problems and Solutions선양국
2016-07Ternary mixed-gas separation for flue gas CO2 capture using high performance thermally rearranged (TR) hollow fiber membranes이영무
2016-07Transition metal carbide-based materials: synthesis and applications in electrochemical energy storage선양국
2016-07Understanding problems of lithiated anodes in lithium oxygen full-cells선양국
2016-07Enhanced Rate Capability of Na-SO2 Rechargeable Battery by Urea-templated Meso/Macroporous Carbon Electrode김한수