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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06Comparative Study of Ni-Rich Layered Cathodes for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries: Li[Ni0.85Co0.11Al0.04]O2 and Li[Ni0.84Co0.06Mn0.09Al0.01]O2 with Two-Step Full Concentration Gradients윤종승
2016-06A High-Performance WSe2/h-BN Photodetector using a Triphenylphosphine (PPh3)-Based n-Doping Technique최창환
2016-06Microstructure and electrical properties of SiC dispersed molybdenum silicide composite김영도
2016-06Tunnelling current-voltage characteristics of Angstrom gaps measured with terahertz time-domain spectroscopy전형탁
2016-06Effect of thermal and thermo-mechanical cycling on the boron segregation behavior in the coarse-grained heat-affected zone of low-alloy steel이창희
2016-06Factors Affecting the Inclusion Potency for Acicular Ferrite Nucleation in High-Strength Steel Welds이창희
2016-05Leaky integrate-and-fire neuron circuit based on floating-gate integrator정두석
2016-05Asymmetric back contact nanograting design for thin c-Si solar cells정두석
2016-05Spherical nanoindentation creep behavior of nanocrystalline and coarse-grained CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloysKawasaki, Megumi
2016-05Selective detection of low concentration toluene gas using Pt-decorated carbon nanotubes sensors김현우
2016-05Light-activated NO2 gas sensing of the networked CuO-decorated ZnS nanowire gas sensor김현우
2016-05Spherical nanoindentation creep behavior of nanocrystalline and coarse-grained CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloys장재일
2016-05Effect of Li2SO4 on the properties of Li2S-P2S5 glass-ceramic solid electrolytes신동욱
2016-05Selective Improvement of NO2 Gas Sensing Behavior in SnO2 Nanowires by Ion-Beam Irradiation김현우
2014-03Electrode dependent interfacial layer variation in metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitor안진호
2014-02Low Current Resistive Switching Behavior in Semiconductor/Ferroelectric Coupling최덕균
2013-06Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Zn-Mg Alloys with Composition of Mg김영도
2013-05Development of Highly Reliable Flip-chip Bonding Technology using Non-conductive Adhesives (NCAs) for 20 um Pitch Application김영호
2013-04Raman spectroscopic image analysis on micropatterned graphene안진호
2013-03Device instability of postannealed TiOx thin-film transistors under gate bias stresses박진성