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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-03Defuzzification을 고려한 TOPSIS 다기준 의사결정방법윤덕균
2014-02Bile Acid Aspiration Associated With Lung Chemical Profile Linked to Other Biomarkers of Injury After Lung Transplantation이기천
2014-04Dependence clustering, a method revealing community structure with group dependence이기천
2012-12Operating Temperature Dependency on Performance Degradation of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells배석주
2012-12A Genetic-Based Iterative Quantile Regression Algorithm for Analyzing Fatigue Curves배석주
2012-01Loading algorithms for flexible manufacturing systems with partially grouped unrelated machines and additional tooling constraints이동호
2014-01Designing an optimal water quality monitoring network for river systems using constrained discrete optimization via simulation박철진
2013-06Metabolomic Analysis Reveals Extended Metabolic Consequences of Marginal Vitamin B-6 Deficiency in Healthy Human Subjects이기천
2013-12A tabu search algorithm for unrelated parallel machine scheduling with sequence- and machine-dependent setups: minimizing total tardiness이동호
2013-12A restricted dynamic model for refuse collection network design in reverse logistics이동호
2013-05Common due-date assignment and scheduling on parallel machines with sequence-dependent setup times이동호
2013-06A priority scheduling approach for flexible job shops with multiple process plans이동호
2013-06GT efficacy: a performance measure for cell formation with sequence data이기천
2013-08Support vector machine-based boundary recovery of a medical image segment in low resolution이기천
2013-08Mathematical model and solution algorithms for selective disassembly sequencing with multiple target components and sequence-dependent setups이동호
2013-07Input sequencing and scheduling for a reconfigurable manufacturing system with a limited number of fixtures이동호
2013-08Multifractal Analysis for Nutritional Assessment이기천
2013-06작은 샘플 크기의 One-shot Devices를 위한 베이지안 신뢰도 추정배석주
2013-02Change-point detection in failure intensity: A case study with repairable artillery systems배석주
2013-05재구성형 제조 셀을 포함하는 유연 개별공정에서의 의사결정나무 기반 실시간 스케줄링이동호