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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04Decentralized production planning using collaborative agents for a bi-objective reeentrant hybrid flow shop정인재
2019-08Cluster analysis on the structure of the cryptocurrency market via Bitcoin-Ethereum filtering송재욱
2019-03Loading and scheduling for flexible manufacturing systems with controllable processing times이동호
2019-01Interactive multi-objective optimization using mobile application: application to multi-objective linear assignment problem정인재
2019-01Application of instance-based entropy fuzzy support vector machine in peer-to-peer lending investment decision송재욱
2019-01An integrated cost and worker fatigue evaluation model of a packaging process김태복
2016-12Bayesian degradation modeling for reliability prediction of organic light-emitting diodes배석주
2016-12A Design of Smartphone Dialog Message Considering Interruption Process by Age박민용
2016-11Safety measures in the joint economic lot size model with returnable transport items김태복
2016-10On data depth and the application of nonparametric multivariate statistical process control charts배석주
2016-10가변 가공시간을 고려하는 단일 기계 유연가공셀에 대한 2-기준 스케줄링 알고리즘이동호
2016-09방위산업 품질경영 수준 조사를 위한 모형 개선 및 현황 파악배석주
2016-08An effects analysis of logistics collaboration in last-mile networks for CEP delivery services정인재
2016-08대량 데이터를 위한 제한거절 기반의 회귀부스팅 기법이기천
2012-05A Study on Carbon Emission based Heterogeneous Vehicle Routing이동호
2011-07A wavelet-based spectral method for extracting self-similarity measures in time-varying two-dimensional rainfall maps이기천
2016-07A Bayesian approach to degradation-based burn-in optimization for display products exhibiting two-phase degradation patterns배석주
2011-06다중 공정계획을 가지는 유연 개별공정 일정계획 문제에 대한 우선순위 규칙 기반 알고리듬이동호
2011-06Metabolic effects of albumin therapy in acute lung injury measured by proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of plasma: A pilot study이기천