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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-03국방표준 및 규격의 제 ․ 개정 우선순위 산출을 위한 모형 개발배석주
2016-03품질경영학회 50주년 특별호: 신뢰성 분야 연구 리뷰배석주
2016-02Disassembly leveling and lot sizing for multiple product types: a basic model and its extension이동호
2016-02Characterizing exons and introns by regularity of nucleotide strings이기천
2015-12항공포워더의 항공사 선택요인 및 선택대안에 관한 연구-중단거리노선에서 소형화물을 중심으로김태복
2015-12The bivariate measure of risk and error (BMORE) plot박철진
2015-11Coordinating a supply chain with a heterogeneous vehicle fleet under greenhouse gas emissions김태복
2015-10The beneficial effect of information sharing in a two-stage reverse supply chain김태복
2015-09Capacity and production planning for a hybrid system with manufacturing and remanufacturing facilities이동호
2015-09Reliability Estimation from Linear Degradation and Failure Time Data With Competing Risks Under a Step-Stress Accelerated Degradation Test배석주
2015-09Penalty Function with Memory for Discrete Optimization via Simulation with Stochastic Constraints박철진
2015-09실험계획법을 이용한 전자부품 위치정렬장치 최적 운영조건 사례연구배석주
2015-07Optimal facility-final exit assignment algorithm for building complex evacuation정인재
2015-06The effect of forward integration on a single-vendor-multi-retailer supply chain under retailer competition김태복
2015-05Two-stage capacity design problem in a single-collector-single-remanufacturer system김태복
2015-04사용용도 및 화면방향을 고려한 최적 스마트폰 디스플레이 사이즈 결정에 관한 연구박민용
2015-04Optimal Ligand Descriptor for Pocket Recognition Based on the Beta-Shape이기천
2015-04Long-term trend of NO2 in major urban areas of Korea and possible consequences for health박철진
2015-03자동차 브레이크 시스템 수요예측을 통한 생산거점 운영 방안 연구김태복
2015-03Discussion of 'Stochastic modelling and analysis of degradation for highly reliable products'배석주