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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Lithium-Ion Batteries Based on Spherical Cubature Particle Filter배석주
2016-06Effects of sensory feedback on the elderly smartphone users’ performance박민용
2016-06A Branch and Bound Algorithm for Parallel and Selective Disassembly Sequencing with Sequence-Dependent Setups이동호
2016-06A branch and bound algorithm for single machine scheduling with sequence-dependent setups and discretely controllable processing times이동호
2016-06국방 군수업체 품질경영 수준 평가 모델 개발 및 분석배석주
2016-05다중 치구 장착 팔렛이 있는 단일 장비 유연제조셀에서 가변 가공시간을 고려하는 우선순위 규칙 기반 스케줄링이동호
2014-05Application of Well-balanced Work Scheduling for Prevention of Work-related Musculoskeletal Disordersin an Automotive Parts Assembly Line박민용
2014-04A Case Study on Decision Tree based Real-time Scheduling for Flexible Job Shops with Reconfigurable Machining Cells이동호
2011-12Yield Prediction for Integrated Circuits Manufacturing Through Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling of Spatial Defects배석주
2011-12Handling stochastic constraints in discrete optimization via simulation박철진
2011-10Defuzzification을 고려한 TOPSIS 다기준 의사결정 방법윤덕균
2011-03재구성형 유연가공라인을 위한 시나리오 기반 시스템 셋업 및 스케줄링 체계이동호
2012-10Smartphone Adoption using Smartphone Use and Demographic Characteristics of Elderly박민용
2016-05유전자 알고리즘을 활용한 선로배분 알고리즘 모델링정인재
2012-03A centralized/decentralized design of a full return contract for a risk-free manufacturer and a risk-neutral retailer under partial information sharing정인재
2012-06유연 개별공정에서의 의사결정나무 기반 실시간 스케줄링 체계이동호
2012-10Heuristic algorithms for minimising total recovery cost of end-of-life products under quality constraints이동호
2012-01A serial supply chain of newsvendor problem with safety stocks under complete and partial information sharing정인재
2012-10Fast and meta-heuristics for common due-date assignment and scheduling on parallel machines이동호
2012-05Composite sourcing policy considering raw-material consumption김태복