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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04포신의 고각과 방위각 오차 최소화를 위한 차륜형 전투차량의 최적설계민승재
2019-05Multiobjective optimization with an adaptive weight determination scheme using the concept of hyperplane민승재
2019-05공간고조파해석 기법을 이용한 웨어러블 로봇용 SPMSM 설계임명섭
2018-12Efficient design optimization of complex system through an integrated interface using symbolic computation민승재
2018-12Optimization of Gear Ratio of In-Wheel Motor Vehicle Considering Probabilistic Driver Model민승재
2018-12Autonomous Emergency Braking Considering Road Slope and Friction Coefficient허건수
2018-12Road Surface Classification Using a Deep Ensemble Network with Sensor Feature Selection허건수
2018-11Magnetising fixture design for optimal magnetisation orientation of ring-type magnet in surface-mounted permanent magnet motor민승재
2018-11Statistically weighted maximin distance design이태희
2018-10Efficient design optimization of complex system through an integrated interface using symbolic computation이태희
2018-09Track Fusion and Behavioral Reasoning for Moving Vehicles Based on Curvilinear Coordinates of Roadway Geometries선우명호
2018-08Collision risk assessment of occluded vehicle based on the motion predictions using the precise road map선우명호
2018-08Comprehensive Combustion Stability Analysis Using Dynamic Mode Decomposition유지형
2018-07Set-Point Adaptation Strategy of Air Systems of Light-Duty Diesel Engines for NOx Emission Reduction Under Acceleration Conditions선우명호
2018-06Torque Improvement of Wound Field Synchronous Motor for Electric Vehicle by PM-assist홍정표
2018-06Design of High Efficiency Wound Field Synchronous Machine with Winding Connection Change Method홍정표
2018-06An Improved Analysis Method of Irreversible Demagnetization for a Single-Phase Line-Start Permanent Magnet Motor홍정표
2018-06다양한 이유에서 오는 알 수 없는 오차들의 추정 보상을 위한 오차 기반 RBF 신경망 적응 백스테핑 제어기 설계박장현
2018-06Iterative Learning Control Algorithm for Feedforward Controller of EGR and VGT Systems in a CRDI Diesel Engine선우명호
2018-05GPS와 차량용 센서의 오차와 지연을 고려한차량용 자세 및 위치 추정 시스템 개발허건수