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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06Development of a via-hole connection process via intense pulsed light sintering with Cu micro/Ag nano-hybrid ink for a multi-layered flexible printed circuit board김학성
2019-06Imaging and Sizing of Surface Defects Using Synthetic Aperture Focusing of Laser-generated Surface Waves장경영
2019-05Soft grasping mechanisms composed of shape memory polymer based self-bending units왕웨이
2018-12Parametric Study on Design Parameters of Water-running Robot Based on Dynamic Simulation서태원
2018-12Analysis of geometrical characteristics of CNT-Al composite using molecular dynamics and the modified rule of mixture (MROM)윤길호
2018-12Debris dispersion analysis for the determination of impact conditions via traceback technology김태원
2018-12A Resonant Piezoelectric S-Morph Actuator With a Large Vibration Force Operating at a Haptic Frequency in a Hexahedral Smart Watch With a Small Form Factor장건희
2018-12Finite-element coupled analyses of the Reynolds and Hagen-Poiseuille equations to calculate pressure and flow of fluid dynamic bearings with a recirculation channel장건희
2018-12열전도 해석을 이용한 공기층의 유효열전도계수 추정이상환
2018-12Design framework for variable refrigerant flow systems with enhancement of interoperability between BIM and energy simulation김재정
2018-12Compensation of Vertical Position Error Using a Force-Deflection Model in Friction Stir Spot Welding이세헌
2018-12마찰교반용접에서 키홀 리필 기술 동향이세헌
2018-12Porosity Characteristics and Effect on Tensile Shear Strength of High-Strength Galvanized Steel Sheets after the Gas Metal Arc Welding Process이세헌
2018-12Heat transfer improvement of a wet fin under transient response with a unique design arrangement aspect이관수
2018-12Fingerprint Imaging System Based on Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer by Using Impediography Method Including Direct Touch and Waveguide Methods박관규
2018-12Optimizing injector nozzle hole layout of a direct-injection spark-ignition engine for wide open throttle condition박성욱
2018-12Thermally stable current-collecting silver grid coated with ceramic-capping layer for low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells김영범
2018-12Construction of dye-sensitized solar cells using wet chemical route synthesized MoSe2 counter electrode김학성
2018-12Multi-pulsed flash light sintering of copper nanoparticle pastes on silicon wafer for highly-conductive copper electrodes in crystalline silicon solar cells김학성
2018-12A Study on Electrical Charge Distribution of Aerosol Using Gerdien Ion Counter육세진