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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01BiVO4/WO3/SnO2 Double-Heterojunction Photoanode with Enhanced Charge Separation and Visible-Transparency for Bias-Free Solar Water-Splitting with a Perovskite Solar Cell김동립
2017-01Improved Dielectric Properties of Polyvinylidene Fluoride Nanocomposite Embedded with Poly(vinylpyrrolidone)-Coated Gold Nanoparticles소홍윤
2017-01Enhancing thermal-stability of metal electrodes with a sputtered gadolinia-doped ceria over-layer for low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells김영범
2017-01Sheltering the perturbed vortical layer of electroconvection under shear flow곽노균
2017-01Direct determination of dynamic properties of railway tracks for flexural vibrations박준홍
2019-02Optimal parameter design of a cleaning device for vertical glass surfaces서태원
2019-02Co-sputtered nanocomposite nickel cermet anode for high-performance low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells김영범
2019-02Aerodynamic Analysis and Parametric Study of the Blended Wing Body Type Business Jet조진수
2019-02Single-Shot Waterless Low-Profile Photoacoustic System: Near-Field Volumetric Imaging In Vivo for Blood Vessels Based on Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer (CMUT)박관규
2016-12Stiffness synthesis of 3-DOF planar 3RPR parallel mechanisms서태원
2016-12A new instantaneous center analysis methodology for planar closed chains via graphical representation서태원
2016-12Friction losses modeling of piston rings for various combustion pressures in diesel engine박성욱
2016-12Externally Leveraged Resonant Piezoelectric Actuator With Fast Response Time for Smart Devices장건희
2016-12연속발진 레이저에 의한 CCD 영상센서의 손상 분석장경영
2016-12Trajectory generation to suppress oscillations in under-constrained cable-driven parallel robots박종현
2016-12Thermal performance and orientation effect of an inclined cross-cut cylindrical heat sink for LED light bulbs이관수
2016-12Vibration analysis of rotating pretwisted tapered blades made of functionally graded materials유홍희
2016-12Optimization of a high pressure turbine blade tip cavity with conjugate heat transfer analysis조진수
2016-12가스터빈 블레이드 팁의 열전달과 유동 특성에 대한 수치적 해석조진수
2016-12Droplet 평판충돌에 의한 차량루프부의 소음방사 메커니즘박준홍