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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01Comparisons of Spray Characteristics Depending on the Nozzle Parameters in a Wafer Cleaning System Using a Twin-Fluid Nozzle박성욱
2016-01현시적 유한차분법을 이용한 볼나사 시스템의 열해석정성종
2016-01Low-resistance gateless high electron mobility transistors using three-dimensional inverted pyramidal AlGaN/GaN surfaces소홍윤
2016-01Identification of stiffness distribution of fatigue loaded polymer concrete through vibration measurements박준홍
2016-01A Numerical Study on Flow-Accelerated Corrosion in Two Adjacent Elbows문승재
2016-01Flower-like Copper Cobaltite Nanosheets on Graphite Paper as High-Performance Supercapacitor Electrodes and Enzymeless Glucose SensorsHui, Kwan-San
2016-01Comparative study of clustering methods for wake effect analysis in wind farmZalNezhad, Erfan
2016-01Severe plastic deformation of tubular AA 6061 via equal channel angular pressingZalNezhad, Erfan
2016-01Properties of nanostructured undoped ZrO2 thin film electrolytes by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition for thin film solid oxide fuel cells김영범
2016-01Nanotribological and wetting performance of hierarchical patterns장경영
2016-01Design optimization of an angular contact ball bearing for the main shaft of a grinder최동훈
2016-01Numerical study of the effects of surface roughness on water disinfection UV reactor조진수
2016-01Interdigitated Pt-GaN Schottky interfaces for high-temperature soot-particulate sensing소홍윤
2016-01Material arrangement optimization for weight minimization of an automotive body in white using a bi-level design strategy최동훈
2016-01Substrate-Dependent Growth of Nanothin Film Solid Oxide Fuel Cells toward Cost-Effective Nanostructuring김영범
2016-01All-photonic drying and sintering process via flash white light combined with deep-UV and near-infrared irradiation for highly conductive copper nano-ink김학성
2016-01역추적 기법과 호스경로 시뮬레이션 소프트웨어를 이용한 유압호스 가상 물성치 측정김재정
2016-01Synthesis and characterization of nanoporous strontium-doped lanthanum cobaltite thin film using metal organic chemical solution deposition김영범
2016-01Development of tantalum oxide (Ta-O) thin film coating on biomedical Ti-6Al-4V alloy to enhance mechanical properties and biocompatibilityNezhad, Erfan Zal
2015-12Ti/TiN/HA coating on Ti-6Al-4V for biomedical applications윤길호