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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06Development of Wall-Thinning Evaluation Procedure for Nuclear Power Plant Piping-Part 1: Quantification of Thickness Measurement Deviation문승재
2016-06Dynamic behavior of air-oil interface in fluid dynamic bearings with a double sealing structure in a 2.5" hard disk drive due to non-operating axial shock장건희
2016-06Unbalanced magnetic force and cogging torque of PM motors due to the interaction between PM magnetization and stator eccentricity장건희
2016-06Prediction of the oil injection time of FDBs in an HDD spindle motor with a tied shaft by utilizing Kirchhoff's pressure law장건희
2016-06Robust shaft design to compensate deformation in the hub press-fitting and disk clamping process of 2.5″ HDDs장건희
2016-06Identification of location and size of a defect in a structural system employing active external excitation and hybrid feature vector components in HMM유홍희
2016-06이중구조팬의 Conic Winglet 최적설계조진수
2016-06Microscopic observation of frost behaviors at the early stage of frost formation on hydrophobic surfaces이관수
2016-06Effect of bioethanol on combustion and exhaust emissions in a diesel-bioethanol dual-fuel combustion engine이창식
2016-06In vivo stiffness measurement and in silico stiffness prediction of biceps brachii muscle using an isometric contraction exercise박준홍
2016-06Microstructure-controlled deposition of yttria-stabilized zirconia electrolyte for low temperature solid oxide fuel cell performance stability enhancement김영범
2016-06Experimental study for improving sound absorption of a composite helical-shaped porous structure using carbon fiber박준홍
2016-06Thermally-Induced Dopant Segregation Effects on the Space Charge Layer and Ionic Conductivity of Nanocrystalline Gadolinia-Doped Ceria김영범
2016-06Statistical prediction of fuel cell catalyst effectiveness: Quasi-random nano-structural analysis of carbon sphere-supported platinum catalysts엄석기
2016-06DQMOM approach for poly-dispersed soot formation processes in a turbulent non-premixed ethylene/air flame김용모
2016-06Rapid fabrication and packaging of AlGaN/GaN high-temperature ultraviolet photodetectors using direct wire bonding소홍윤
2016-06Stabilization effects of perforated plates on the combustion instability in a lean premixed combustor김용모
2016-06Wettability, structural and optical properties investigation of TiO 2 nanotubular arraysZal Nezhad, Erfan
2016-06Flexural wave cloaking via embedded cylinders with systematically varying thicknesses박준홍
2016-05Effect of structural evolution on mechanical properties of ZrO2 coated Ti-6Al-7Nb-biomedical applicationZal Nezhad, Erfan