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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11Suppression of Persistent Photoconductivity in AlGaN/GaN Ultraviolet Photodetectors Using In Situ Heating소홍윤
2016-11Analysis of Interfacial Peeling of an Ultrathin Silicon Wafer Chip in a Pick-Up Process Using an Air Blowing Method김학성
2016-11Warpage Simulation of a Multilayer Printed Circuit Board and Microelectronic Package Using the Anisotropic Viscoelastic Shell Modeling Technique That Considers the Initial Warpage김학성
2016-11루버핀 열교환기 설치각에 의한 열적 성능 변화이관수
2016-11표면 특성에 따른 항빙결 특성의 확률적 접근이관수
2016-11Electrodeposition of flower-like platinum on electrophoretically grown nitrogen-doped graphene as a highly sensitive electrochemical non-enzymatic biosensor for hydrogen peroxide detectionErfan Zal Nezhad
2016-11Prediction of biceps muscle fatigue and force using electromyography signal analysis for repeated isokinetic dumbbell curl exercise김학성
2016-11Photonic sintering via flash white light combined with deep UV and NIR for SrTiO3 thin film vibration touch panel applications김학성
2016-10Inverse statics analysis of planar parallel manipulators via Grassmann-Cayley algebra서태원
2016-10Experimental study on drag-induced balancing via a static tail for water-running robots서태원
2016-10Study on start-up characteristics of H-Darrieus vertical axis wind turbines comprising NACA 4-digit series blade airfoilsNezhad, Erfan Zal
2016-10Piezoelectric energy harvesting system with magnetic pendulum movement for self-powered safety sensor of trains유홍희
2016-10The weldability of dissimilar three-steel sheet using constant power control method for resistance spot welding이세헌
2016-10LED 가로등용 압출형 방열 구조물 경량화를 위한 최적 설계이관수
2016-10커버 플레이트를 이용한 이종 3겹 저항 점 용접성 평가이세헌
2016-10Generic analytical osteotomy model for three-dimensional surgical planning in opening wedge high tibial osteotomy김재정
2016-10Topology Optimization for Static Nonlinear Structures Using Imperialist Competitive Algorithm한석영
2016-10Shape Optimization for One-valve Type of a Ceramic Porous Chuck한석영
2016-10DC characteristics of ALD-grown Al2O3/AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMTs and HEMTs at 600 °C in air소홍윤
2016-10Optimization of combustion chamber geometry and operating conditions for compression ignition engine fueled with pre-blended gasoline-diesel fuel박성욱