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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-02속도 분포 기반 단층촬영을 위한 최적의 트랜스듀서의 조합박관규
2016-02Photonic welding of ultra-long copper nanowire network for flexible transparent electrodes using white flash light sintering김학성
2016-02Identification of stiffness distribution of fatigue loaded polymer concrete through vibration measurements김학성
2016-02Dynamics of flexible tower-blade and rigid nacelle system: dynamic instability due to their interactions in wind turbine박준홍
2016-02Effect of Pilot Injection Timings on the Combustion Temperature Distribution in a Single-Cylinder CI Engine Fueled with DME and ULSD박성욱
2016-02A combined path-percolation - Lattice-Boltzmann model applied to multiphase mass transfer in porous media엄석기
2016-02Nano-structural Analysis of Effective Transport Paths in Fuel-cell Catalyst Layers by Using Stochastic Material Network Methods엄석기
2016-02Resonant Piezoelectric Vibrator With High Displacement at Haptic Frequency for Smart Devices장건희
2016-02Comparison of Ultrasonic Nonlinear Parameters Measured by PZT and LiNbO3 Transducers장경영
2016-02Experimental Comparison of Nonlinear Parameters Obtained from Absolute Measurement and Relative Measurement장경영
2016-02LM 볼가이드의 마찰력 정식화정성종
2016-02Aerodynamic Analysis of the Ducted Fan for a VTOL UAV in Crosswinds조진수
2016-02Glassy photonic inks encapsulated in core shell microcapsules for local electric field sensors송시몬
2016-02Photosensitization of ZnO nanowire-based electrodes using one-step hydrothermally synthesized CdSe/CdS (core/shell) sensitizerHui, Kwan-San
2016-02Fabrication and characterization of polyimide composite films via surface modification and ion exchange techniqueHui, Kwan-San
2016-02Development and tests of loop heat pipe with multi-layer metal foams as wick structureHui, Kwan-San
2016-02Enhancement of the photoluminescence properties of Ba1.98SiO4-delta N2/3 delta:Eu-0.02 phosphors and their application to green LEDsHui, Kwan-San
2016-02A novel louvered fin design to enhance thermal and drainage performances during periodic frosting/defrosting conditions김동립
2016-02A novel louvered fin design to enhance thermal and drainage performances during periodic frosting/defrosting conditions이관수
2016-02Effects of psychrometric properties on fin performances of minimum envelope shape of wet fins이관수