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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-05Topology-Oriented Incremental Algorithm for the Robust Construction of the Voronoi Diagrams of Disks김덕수
2014-10Empirical study on shapes of the foot pad and walking gaits for water-running robots서태원
2011-03Numerical study of cryogenic liquid nitrogen jets at supercritical pressures김용모
2011-03직접분사식 커먼레일 단기통 디젤엔진에서 EGR율에 따른 연소 및 배기특성이창식
2012-05Precise Steering and Unclogging Motions of a Catheter with a Rotary Magnetic Drill Tip Actuated by a Magnetic Navigation System장건희
2012-05Torque ripple and Unbalanced Magnetic Force of a BLDC Motor due to the Connecting wire between Slot Windings장건희
2012-05Forced Vibration Analysis of an IPM Motor for Electrical Vehicles due to Magnetic Force장건희
2012-05Characterization and Experimental Verification of the Axial Unbalanced Magnetic Force in Brushless DC Motors장건희
2012-05Beta-decomposition for the volume and area of the union of three-dimensional balls and their offsets김덕수
2012-05Reliability-based Topology Optimization of Electro-Thermal-Compliant Mechanisms with a New Material Mixing Method한석영
2012-05소형 무인항공기 추진용 덕티드팬의 공력특성에 대한 실험적 연구조진수
2012-05Feasibility Classification of New Design Points Using Support Vector Machine Trained by Reduced Dataset최동훈
2012-05Modeling and Validation of a Hydraulic Systems for an AMT송창섭
2012-05Analysis for welding characteristics of dissimilar materials using delta spot welding이세헌
2011-04인스트루먼트 패널 사출 성형을 위한 순차적 밸브 게이트 최적화최동훈
2011-04PIAnO를 이용한 해석프로세스 자동화 및 통합최적설계최동훈
2014-11Granular temperature and rotational characteristic analysis of a gas–solid bubbling fluidized bed under different gravities using discrete hard sphere model김동립
2011-04다중 재료를 사용한 응력기반 위상최적설계 기법 개발최동훈
2012-06Embedded Type 분산 추진 장치의 입·출구 형상 및 위치 변화에 따른 융합익기의 공력해석조진수
2011-06Two-dimensional optical feedback control of Euglena confined in closed-type microfluidic channels송시몬