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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01A new approach for acoustic visualization using directional impulse response in room acoustics전진용
2016-01Plane Wave Decomposition and Beamforming for Directional Spatial Sound Localization전진용
2016-01Behavior of high-performance fiber-reinforced cement composite columns subjected to horizontal biaxial and axial loads한상환
2016-01Effect of connection rotation capacities on seismic performance of IMF systems한상환
2016-01응답 스펙트럼의 평균과 분산, 상관관계를 모두 고려한 지반운동 선정 방법 – II 지진 응답한상환
2016-01응답 스펙트럼의 평균과 분산, 상관관계를 모두 고려한 지반운동 선정 방법 – I 알고리즘한상환
2016-01Estimating thermal performance and energy saving potential of residential buildings using utility bills박준석
2015-12묶음 대각철근을 갖는 세장한 철근콘크리트 연결보의 이력거동한상환
2015-12Behaviour of fibre-reinforced beams with diagonal reinforcement한상환
2015-12건축·도시 분야 경력개발요소에 관한 상대적 중요도 조사 - 교육수요자와 채용기관(건설회사) 간의 비교를 중심으로 -김재준
2015-12기술수용모델 기반 건축,도시 분야 융복합 교육의 수용의도에 관한 조사김재준
2015-12The Dynamic Relationship between Growth and Profitability under Long-Term Recession: The Case of Korean Construction Companies김재준
2015-12Comparative Biaxial Flexural Behavior of Ultra-High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Panels Using Two Different Test and Placement Methods류두열
2015-12Evaluation of road traffic noise abatement by vegetation treatment in a 1:10 urban scale model전진용
2015-12Noise in the passenger cars of high-speed trains전진용
2015-12Cause and perception of amplitude modulation of heavy-weight impact sounds in concrete wall structures전진용
2015-12Classification of heavy-weight floor impact sounds in multi-dwelling houses using an equal-appearing interval scale전진용
2015-12Speech privacy and annoyance considerations in the acoustic environment of passenger cars of high-speed trains전진용
2015-11Effectiveness of shrinkage-reducing admixture in reducing autogenous shrinkage stress of ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete류두열
2015-11Structural performance of ultra-high-performance concrete beams with different steel fibers류두열