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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08Experimental evaluation of phase change material in radiant cooling panels integrated with thermoelectric modules정재원
2019-08Passive generation from a novel thermoelectric energy harvesting system model integrated with phase change material정재원
2019-08Effect of Desiccant Solution Temperature on Regeneration Performance of a Cross-Flow Regenerator정재원
2019-08Energy-saving potential of dedicated outdoor-air system assisted by vacuum-based membrane dehumidifier정재원
2019-08A numerical model and validation of phase change material integrated thermoelectric radiant cooling panel정재원
2019-04Effects of geometry and hybrid ratio of steel and polyethylene fibers on the mechanical performance of ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced cementitious composites류두열
2019-03Polymer-based construction materials for civil engineering류두열
2019-04Hybrid effect of macro and micro steel fibers on the pullout and tensile behaviors of ultra-high-performance concrete류두열
2019-04Applicability of thermoelectric heat pump in a dedicated outdoor air system정재원
2019-06Effectiveness of diversification strategies for ensuring financial sustainability of construction companies in the Republic of Korea김재준
2019-04공동주택에서 창문개폐에 따른 연간 외기유입량 분석박준석
2019-04공동주택 실내에서 미세먼지의 침착 및 외기 유입에 관한 현장실험박준석
2019-04재실자의 창문개폐 행위에 주요인자 분석박준석
2019-04실내 쾌적 온열환경 예측을 위한 한국인 남성 인체생리모형개발에 관한 연구박준석
2019-04Assessment of Neutron Shielding Performance of Nano-TiO2-Incorporated Cement Paste by Monte Carlo Simulation배성철
2019-01Self-healing capability of asphalt concrete with carbon-based materials류두열
2019-03Comparative pullout behavior of half-hooked and commercial steel fibers embedded in UHPC under static and impact loads류두열
2019-03Modeling occupant behavior of the manual control of windows in residential buildings박준석
2019-03Effectiveness of Steel Fibers as Hoops in Exterior Beam-to-Column Joints under Cyclic Loading최창식
2019-03Energy Saving Potential and Indoor Air Quality Benefits of Multiple Zone Dedicated Outdoor Air System정재원