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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12Evaluation of road traffic noise abatement by vegetation treatment in a 1:10 urban scale model전진용
2015-12Noise in the passenger cars of high-speed trains전진용
2015-12Cause and perception of amplitude modulation of heavy-weight impact sounds in concrete wall structures전진용
2015-12Classification of heavy-weight floor impact sounds in multi-dwelling houses using an equal-appearing interval scale전진용
2015-12Speech privacy and annoyance considerations in the acoustic environment of passenger cars of high-speed trains전진용
2015-11Effectiveness of shrinkage-reducing admixture in reducing autogenous shrinkage stress of ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete류두열
2015-11Structural performance of ultra-high-performance concrete beams with different steel fibers류두열
2015-11Flexural response of steel-fiber-reinforced concrete beams: Effects of strength, fiber content, and strain-rate류두열
2015-11Atomic and nano-scale characterization of a 50-year-old hydrated C3S paste배성철
2015-11자치 역량 수준별 임차인 주민조직 참여에 관한 주관성 유형 연구김재준
2015-11재실자 생산성을 고려한 HVAC 시스템 최적운전이 경제성 향상에 미치는 영향정재원
2015-11열전소자의 외기전담시스템 적용 가능성 분석정재원
2015-11지역난방열원이 적용된 제습-증발냉각 공조시스템의 에너지 절감 효과 분석정재원
2015-11Measuring Productivity Changes in the Korean Construction Management Industry김재준
2015-11A simplified PEM fuel cell model for building cogeneration applications정재원
2015-11An experimental study on development of construction concrete products using wastepaper최창식
2015-11Cementitiuous materials for crack self-healing concrete최창식
2015-11CaCl2-Accelerated Hydration of Tricalcium Silicate: A STXM Study Combined with Si-29 MAS NMR배성철
2015-11Numerical simulation on structural behavior of UHPFRC beams with steel and GFRP bars류두열
2015-11Y형 플레이트를 적용한 원형 CFT 기둥-H형강 보 접합부의 구조성능최창식