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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05Subjective and objective evaluation of water-supply and drainage noises in apartment buildings by using a head-mounted display전진용
2019-07Comparison of Response Scales as Measures of Indoor Environmental Perception in Combined Thermal and Acoustic Conditions전진용
2019-05사포 처리한 강섬유의 표면 거칠기가 초고성능 콘크리트의 인발 거동에 미치는 영향류두열
2019-05UHPC 내에서 곡률을 가진 강섬유의 고속 인발 거동 평가류두열
2019-05RC 보-기둥 접합부의 2방향 내진거동 평가한상환
2019-05HPFRCC로 보강된 보-기둥 접합부의 내진거동 평가한상환
2019-04시나리오 지진 기반 구조물의 지진위험지도 구축 방법한상환
2019-04횡보강근량에 따른 대각보강 연결보의 내진거동한상환
2019-05Effects of BIM-Based Construction of Prefabricated Steel Framework from the Perspective of SMEs최창식
2019-04Performance And Preference of Response Scales For Semantic Differentials in Auditory Perception Among University Students전진용
2019-03대각보강된 철근콘크리트 연결보의 변위비 기반 취약도 함수 개발한상환
2019-03비연성 RC 기둥의 하중-변형 응답 모사를 위한 모델 매개변수 제안한상환
2019-03Downstairs resident classification characteristics for upstairs walking vibration noise in an apartment building under virtual reality environment전진용
2019-012017 포항 지진 시뮬레이션 모델 개발 및 시나리오 기반 지진재해지도 구축한상환
2019-02Accurate and Efficient Simulation of Cyclic Behavior of Diagonally Reinforced Concrete Coupling Beams한상환
2019-02Communication Performance of BLE-based IoT Devices and Routers for Tracking Indoor Construction Resources최창식
2019-01Three-dimensional virtual reality-based subjective evaluation of road traffic noise heard in urban high-rise residential buildings전진용
2019-01Impact of early reflection on real-time estimation of direction of arrival in different building environments전진용
2019-05초고성능콘크리트 휨재의 연성비 검토최창식
2019-05비내진상세를 가진 철근콘크리트골조의 벽체형 마찰댐퍼 보강효과최창식