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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08Tracking-based 3D Human Skeleton Extraction from Stereo Video Camera toward an On-site Safety and Ergonomic Analysis한상욱
2016-08하수관거 배면 공동 탐지를 위한 충격반향법의 적용성 평가박두희
2012-05지진해일이 부산항 신항 송도지역에 미치는 영향 검토조용식
2012-05자료동화를 이용한 낙동강 유역에 대한 수문 모형 적용최민하
2012-05Temperature dependence of fluid transport in nanoporesXi Chen
2011-06A Study on Numerical Technique for the Hardened Grout When Grouting Method is Applied천병식
2012-02나노영가철과 Geobacter lovleyi를 이용한 TCE 탈염소에 관한 동역학적 연구박재우
2011-09A conceptual thermal actuation system driven by interface tension of nanofluidsXi Chen
2016-07Monitoring of airborne particulate matter at mountainous urban sitesDutta, Tanushree
2016-072D visualization captures the local heterogeneity of oxidative metabolism across soils from diverse land useDutta, Tanushree
2016-07Efficient photocatalytic degradation of rhodamine 6G with a quantum dot-metal organic framework nanocomposite김기현
2016-07A novel quantitation approach for maximizing detectable targets for offensive/volatile odorants with diverse functional groups by thermal desorption-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry김기현
2016-07Exploring metal detoxification and accumulation potential during vermicomposting of Tea factory coal ash: sequential extraction and fluorescence probe analysis김기현
2016-07A New Electrolytic Synthesis Method for Few-Layered MoS2 Nanosheets and Their Robust Biointerfacing with Reduced Antibodies김기현
2016-07Identification of nitrogen dioxide and ozone source regions for an urban area in Korea using back trajectory analysis김기현
2016-07Pyrogenic transformation of Nannochloropsis oceanica into fatty acid methyl esters without oil extraction for estimating total lipid content김기현
2016-07Chemical Properties of Various Chimney Ejecting Fly Ashes김기현
2016-07Robust and direct electrochemical sensing of arsenic using zirconia nanocubes김기현
2016-07Bed Evolution under Rapidly Varying Flows by a New Method for Wave Speed Estimation조용식
2016-07Crack Healing Performance of PVA-Coated Granules Made of Cement, CSA, and Na2CO3 in the Cement Matrix유재석