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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01USGS hazard map compatible depth-dependent seismic site coefficients for the Upper Mississippi Embayment박두희
2019-02Effect of phosphate concentration, anions, heavy metals, and organic matter on phosphate adsorption from wastewater using anodized iron oxide nanoflakes김종오
2019-02Nanomaterials for the adsorptive treatment of Hg(II) ions from water.김기현
2019-02Nanomaterials for sensing of formaldehyde in air: principles, applications, and performance evaluation.김기현
2019-02Analogous crystal orientation for immobilizing rGO/ZrO2/Ag3PO4 nanocomposite on a fluorine-doped tin oxide substrate박재우
2019-02Metal organic frameworks MIL-100(Fe) as an efficient adsorptive material for phosphate management김기현
2019-02Highly Sensitive Optical Biosensing of Staphylococcus aureus with an Antibody/Metal-Organic Framework Bioconjugate.김기현
2019-02Robust Construction Safety System (RCSS) for Collision Accidents Prevention on Construction Sites조병완
2016-12Fully three-dimensional Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes modeling for solving free surface flows around coastal drainage gates강석구
2019-01Nano-based smart pesticide formulations: Emerging opportunities for agriculture.김기현
2019-01Novel electrochemical sensor for mononitrotoluenes using silver oxide quantum dots김기현
2019-01Amine functionalized metal-organic frameworks and covalent organic polymers as potential sorbents for removal of formaldehyde in aqueous phase: experimental versus theoretical Study.김기현
2019-01Spatial distribution of heavy metals in crops in a wastewater irrigated zone and health risk assessment김기현
2019-01A Highly sensitive electrochemical immunosensor for zearalenone using screen-printed disposable electrodes.김기현
2019-01Historic and Futuristic Review of Electron Beam Technology for the Treatment of SO2 and NOx in Flue Gas.김기현
2019-01Metal organic frameworks as potent treatment media for odorants and volatiles in air.김기현
2019-01A comparison of figure of merit (FOM) for various materials in adsorptive removal of benzene under ambient temperature and pressure.김기현
2016-12Airborne foliar transfer of PM bound heavy metals in Cassia siamea: A less common route of heavy metal accumulationSzulejko, Jan Edward
2016-12A critical review on the diverse preconcentration procedures on bag samples in the quantitation of volatile organic compounds from cigarette smoke and other combustion samplesSzulejko, Jan Edward
2016-12A review of metal organic resins for environmental applications김기현