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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06Hydrate bearing clayey sediments: Formation and gas production concepts장재원
2016-06Photodegradation and permeability of conventional photocatalytic reactor and two different submerged membrane photocatalytic reactors for the removal of humic acid in water김종오
2016-06Changes in the properties of a solution using pulsed electric field treatment as pretreatment of membrane filtration김종오
2016-06Carboxymethyl chitosan-modified magnetic-cored dendrimer as an amphoteric adsorbent박재우
2016-06Adsorption of As(III), As(V) and Cu(II) on zirconium oxide immobilized alginate beads in aqueous phase김종오
2016-06전처리 MF의 다양한 역세 공정을 적용한 하수재이용파일럿 플랜트 연구김종오
2016-06막증류 공정에서 오염 인자가 플럭스 변화에미치는 영향김종오
2016-06반복단순전단시험에 기반한 조립토의 설계 액상화 저항 곡선 개발박두희
2016-05Recent advances in photocatalytic treatment of pollutants in aqueous media김기현
2016-05A facile chemical route for recovery of high quality zinc oxide nanoparticles from spent alkaline batteries김기현
2016-05Utilization of coal ash: Is vermitechnology a sustainable avenue?김기현
2016-05Assessment of soil washing for simultaneous removal of heavy metals and low-level petroleum hydrocarbons using various washing solutions박재우
2016-05Quantitative Comparison of the Photocatalytic Efficiency of TiO2 Nanotube Film and TiO2 Powder박재우
2016-05국민안전처 통합관리시스템 연계 가능한 시설물 진동 감지 및 분석 시스템 개발최동호
2016-05Treatment of ethanolamine using an Fe(III)-based, two-chamber microbial fuel cell with continuous Fe(II) oxidation at the air cathode박주양
2016-05Optical marker-based end effector pose estimation for articulated excavators서종원
2016-05The effect of hydrate saturation on water retention curves in hydrate-bearing sediments장재원
2016-05Dimensionless Free Vibration Analysis of Suspension Bridges Considering Hanger Extensibility and Various Girder Types최동호
2016-05Performance evaluation of solidification/stabilization of dredged sediment using alkali-activated slag박주양
2014-02침수피해방지시설에 대한 지진해일 파력조용식