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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-07Enhancement of the power conversion efficiency for inverted organic photovoltaic devices due to the localized surface plasmonic resonant effect of Au nanoparticles embedded in ZnO nanoparticles김태환; Lee, Yong Hun; Kim, Dae Hun; Lee, Dea Uk; Li, Fushan; Kim, Tae Whan
2015-10A Qualitative Accident Scenario Analysis for a Very High Temperature Reactor제무성; Kim, Jintae; Lee, Joeun; Jae, Moosung
2015-10An Assessment of the VHTR Safety Distance Using the Reliability Physics Model제무성; Lee, Joeun; Kim, Jintae; Jae, Moosung
2016-01Biothermal sensing of a torsional artificial muscle김선정; Lee, Sung-Ho; Kim, Tae Hyeob; Lima, Marcio D.; Baughman, Ray H.; Kim, Seon Jeong
2011-06Dissipative proportional integral observer for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems허건수; Jung, Jongchul; Huh, Kunsoo; Shim, Taehyun
2011-0921-dB gain ultra-wideband complementary metal-oxide semiconductor low-noise amplifier with current-reuse technique윤태열; Ham, JungHyun; Lee, Ji-Young; Yun, Tae-Yeoul
2012-01Application of intensified heat transfer for the retrofit of heat exchanger network김진국; Wang, Yufei a, 1; Pan, Ming a, 1; Bulatov, Igor a; Smith, Robin a; Kim, Jin-Kuk b,
2012-10Advanced 3-Dimensional Magnetic Field Analysis of Superconducting Machines Using Analytical Method홍정표; Lee, Sang-Ho; Jeong, Jae-Sik; Jung, Kyung-Tae; Hong, Jung-Pyo; Jo, Young-Sik
2012-03Determining the location of superconducting fault current limiter considering distribution reliability김진오; Kim, S. Y.; Kim, W. W.; Kim, J. O.
2011-07Decrease in Interference Effects between Cells for Metal-Oxide-Nitride-Oxide-Silicon NAND Flash Memory Devices with Metal Spacer Layers김태환; Kim, Sung Ho; You, Joo Hyung; Kim, Tae Whan