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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-05자동 차선 변경 시스템의 측후방 차량 충돌 위험도 판단정정주; 이지형; 강창묵; 김원희; 정정주; Lee, Jee Hyung; Kang, Chang Mook; Kim, Wonhee; Chung, Chung Choo
2015-05차량 횡방향 운동학 모델 기반 차선 유지 시스템정정주; 강창묵; 이승희; 정정주; Kang, Chang Mook; Lee, Seung-Hi; Chung, Chung Choo
2015-02Disturbance observer based feedback linearization control for electro-hydraulic servo systems정정주; 원대희; Won, Daehee; 김원희; Kim, Wonhee; 정정주; Chung, Chung Choo
2015-02Predictive Virtual Lane Method using Relative Motions between a Vehicle and Lanes정정주; Son, Young Seop; Kim, Wonhee; Lee, Seung-Hi; Chung, Chung Choo
2015-02Sliding mode control for an electric power steering system in an autonomous lane keeping system정정주; Yu, Jun Young; Kim, Wonhee; Son, Young Seop; Chung, Chung Choo
2015-02Simplified Nonlinear Control for Planar Motor based on Singular Perturbation Theory정정주; Seo, HyungDuk; Shin, Donghoon; Lee, Youngwoo; Chung, Chung Choo
2015-03자율주행 자동차의 전기적 파워 조향 시스템을 위한 제어 기법의 개관정정주; 손영섭; 김원회; 정정주
2015-03High-Gain Disturbance Observer-Based Backstepping Control With Output Tracking Error Constraint for Electro-Hydraulic Systems정정주; Won, Daehee; Kim, Wonhee; Shin, Donghoon; Chung, Chung Choo
2015-03Line Patterning using a Scanning Probe Lithography Technique based on Convolution Method정정주; Han, Cheolsu; Kwon, Gwangmin; Ahn, Sang Jung; Lee, Haiwon; Chung, Chung Choo
2015-08Robust Multirate Control Scheme With Predictive Virtual Lanes for Lane-Keeping System of Autonomous Highway Driving정정주; Son, Young Seop; Kim, Wonhee; Lee, Seung-Hi; Chung, Chung Choo