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2015-07Comparison of Cognitive Performance and MRI-Measured Brain Volume and Cortical Thickness between Patients with Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder (NMOSD) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS): A Preliminary Report이종민; Kim, Su-Hyun; Hyun, Jae-Won; Jeong, In Hye; Joung, AeRan; Jo, Hyo-Jin; Yu, Eun-Seung; Kwak, Kichang; Jeon, Seun; Park, Gilsoon; Lee, Jong-Min
2015-05Olfactory Performance and Resting State Functional Connectivity in Non-demented Drug Naive Patients with Parkinson's Disease이종민; Sunwoo, Mun Kyung; Cha, Jungho; Ham, Jee Hyun; Song, Sook K.; Hong, Jin Yong; Lee, Jong-Min; Sohn, Young H.; Lee, Phil Hyu
2015-05Automated Segmentation of Cerebellum Using Brain Mask and Partial Volume Estimation Map이종민; Lee, Dong-Kyun; Yoon, Uicheul; Kwak, Kichang; Lee, Jong-Min
2015-06Multimodal Discrimination of Alzheimer's Disease Based on Regional Cortical Atrophy and Hypometabolism이종민; Yun, Hyuk Jin; Kwak, Kichang; Lee, Jong-Min
2015-06Association between phthalates and externalizing behaviors and cortical thickness in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder이종민; Park, S.; Lee, J. -M.; Kim, J. -W.; Cheong, J. H.; Yun, H. J.; Hong, Y. -C.; Kim, Y.; Han, D. H.; Yoo, H. J.; Shin, M. -S.
2015-06Change of brain functional connectivity in patients with spinal cord injury: Graph theory based approach이종민; Min, Yu-Sun; Chang, Yongmin; Park, Jang Woo; Lee, Jong-Min; Cha, Jungho; Yang, Jin-Ju; Kim, Chul-Hyun; Hwang, Jong-Moon; Yoo, Ji-Na; Jung, Tae-Du
2015-05Amyloid burden, cerebrovascular disease, brain atrophy, and cognition in cognitively impaired patients이종민; Ye, Byoung Seok; Seo, Sang Won; Kim, Geon Ha; Noh, Young; Cho, Hanna; Yoon, Cindy W.; Kim, Hee Jin; Chin, Juhee; Jeon, Seun; Lee, Jong Min
2015-05Assessment of Functional Characteristics of Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease Using Various Methods of Resting-State FMRI Analysis이종민; Cha, Jungho; Hwang, Jung-Min; Jo, Hang Joon; Seo, Sang Won; Na, Duk L.; Lee, Jong-Min
2015-07Patterns of Neuropsychological Profile and Cortical Thinning in Parkinson's Disease with Punding이종민; Yoo, Han Soo; Yun, Hyuk Jin; Chung, Seok Jong; Sunwoo, Mun Kyung; Lee, Jong-Min; Sohn, Young Ho; Lee, Phil Hyu
2015-07Clinical effect of white matter network disruption related to amyloid and small vessel disease이종민; Kim, Hee Jin; Im, Kiho; Kwon, Hunki; Lee, Jong-Min; Kim, Changsoo; Kim, Yeo JIn; Jung, Na-Yeon; Cho, Hanna; Ye, Byoung Seok; Noh, Young