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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01Long-term trend of airborne particulate matter in Seoul, Korea from 2004 to 2013김기현; Ahmed, Ezaz; Kim, Ki-Hyun; Shon, Zang-Ho; Song, Sang-Keun
2015-01Comparison of arsenic uptake ability of barnyard grass and rice species for arsenic phytoremediation김기현; Sultana, Razia; Kobayashi, Katsuichiro; Kim, Ki-Hyun
2015-01Derivatization techniques for determination of carbonyls in air김기현; Szulejko, Jan E.; Kim, Ki-Hyun
2015-01Performance test of a sorbent tube sampler with respect to analyte loss in collecting biogenic volatile organic compounds김기현; Ullah, Md Ahsan; KIm, Ki-Hyun
2015-01Ambient particulate matter in a central urban area of Seoul, Korea김기현; Vellingiri, Kowsalya; Kim, Ki-Hyun; Ma, Chang-Jin; Kang, Chang-Hee; Lee, Jin-Hong; Kim, Ik-Soo; Brown, Richard J.C.
2015-01A review on the human health impact of airborne particulate matter김기현; Kim, Ki-Hyun; Kabir, Ehsanul; Kabir, Shamin
2015-03Surface assembly of nano-metal organic framework on amine functionalized indium tin oxide substrate for impedimetric sensing of parathion김기현; Deep, Akash; Bhardwaj, Sanjeev Kumar; Paul, A. K.; Kim, Ki-Hyun; Kumar, Pawan
2015-04Synthesis and energy applications of metal organic frameworks김기현; Kumar, Pawan; Bansal, Vasudha; Deep, Akash; Kim, Ki-Hyun
2015-03Test on the Reliability of Gastight Syringes as Transfer/Storage Media for Gaseous VOC Analysis: The Extent of VOC Sorption between the Inner Needle and a Glass Wall Surface김기현; Kim, Yong-Hyun; Kim, Ki-Hyun
2015-03Investigation of the relationship between atmospheric mercury and concentrations of key greenhouse gases at a mountainous monitoring site김기현; Kim, Ki-Hyun; Pandey, Sudhir Kumar; Brown, Richard J. C.; Sheu, Guey Rong; Jeon, Eui-Chan; Jung, Kweon; Kang, Chang-Hee