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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-02The Marginal Value of Cash in Korean Retail Firms이정환; Kim, Sang Su; Lee, Jeong Hwan
2016-01Birthdays, Schooling, and Crime: Regression-Discontinuity Analysis of School Performance, Delinquency, Dropout, and Crime InitiationKang, Songman; Cook, Philip J.; Kang, Songman
2016-03전력도매시장에서의 안정적 발전용량 보상을 위한 이원적 용량가격 제도 도입 방안김영산; 김영산; Kim, Yung San
2016-05Banks and the World's Major Banking Centers, 2010박대근; Choi, Sang Rim; Park, Daekeun; Tschoegl, Adrian E.
2016-04Inference of the Trend in a Partially Linear Model with Locally Stationary Regressors김건호; Kim, Kun Ho
2016-05기업재무 데이터특성을 고려한 자본구조조정속도 추정에 관한 연구이정환; 윤보현; 이정환; 하준; 손삼호; Yoon, Bo-Hyun; Lee, Jeong Hwan; Ha, Joon; Son, Sam-Ho
2016-05Corporate Governance and the Marginal Cash Value for Korean Retail Firms이정환; Lee, Jeong Hwan; Kim, Sang-Su
2016-04Inequality and crime revisited: effects of local inequality and economic segregation on crimeKang, Songman; Kang, Songman
2016-06대학입학경쟁과 사교육: 공교육 강화와 교육비 보조 정책의 효과전영준; 최봉제; 전영준; 김진영; Choi, Bong Je; Chun, Young Jun; Kim, Jin Yeong
2016-05Taiwan's economic inequality and distribution: Empirical analysis using Family Income and Expenditure Surveys문춘걸; Li, Yinshi; Moon, Choon-Geol