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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-02가계부채의 결정요인에 대한 패널자료 분석박대근; 박, 근대; Park, Dae keun; 최, 우주; Choi, Woo joo
2015-01Learning and Model Validation조인구; CHO, IN-KOO; KASA, KENNETH
2015-03Nonparametric estimation and inference on conditional quantile processes윤정모; Qu, Zhongjun; Yoon, Jungmo
2015-03효율성-형평성 간 상충관계를 고려한 최적 조세조합전영준; 김승래; Kim, Seung Rae; 전영준; Chun, Young Jun; 김진영; Kim, Jin Young
2015-04Who bears the fiscal burden of the National Pension System? A Generational Acconting Approach전영준; Chun, Young Jun; Kim, Jin-Yeong; Lim, Byuing In
2015-07사회복지 구성의 고용과 경제성장 효과에대한 실증분석이영; 차병섭; 이영; Cha, Byung-Sub; Lee, Young
2015-06Estimation of Risk and Return of Venture Capital Investments in an Emerging Market: An Iterative Generalized Method of Moments Approach김명직; Kim, Myung-Jig; Kim, Sang-Soo; Lee, Sang-Heon
2015-05The economic cost of mandatory reduction of electricity demand: A CGE analysis of the Korean case김영산; Kim, Hye Ri; Kim, Yung San
2015-05Spillover effects across credit spreads in Korean bond market이항용; Lee, Hang Yong; Lee, Sang Heon
2015-05일본의 FTA 경제적 효과에 대한 실증분석전영서; 강다연; Kang, Da Yeon; 전영서; Jeon, Young Seo