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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-06Minimum safety standards with asymmetric safety costs윤성호
2018-04Population Aging and the Possibility of a Middle-Income Trap in Asia하준경
2018-04Gender wage gaps and risky vs. secure employment: An experimental analysis최충
2008-12Informed Principal and Information Gathering Agent윤성호
2008-06부동산신탁시장의 인가관련 이슈에 대한 경제이론적 접근강임호
2008-03Does Trade and Technology Transmission Facilitate Convergence? The Role of Technology Adoption in Reducing the Inequality of Nations.Das, Gouranga G.
2014-12이동통신 산업의 경제 파급효과 분석김용규
2014-12SFA 모형을 이용한 상장 건설기업 총요소생산성 분석진창하
2014-12SFA 모형을 이용한 상장 건설기업 총요소생산성 분석김용규
2014-12SFA 모형을 이용한 상장 건설기업 총요소생산성 분석진창하
2009-09Pseudospectral Methods for Pricing Options서상원
2009-08A hybrid production structure in trade: theory and implicationsDas, Gouranga G.
2009-08Large Economic Shocks, The Protectionist Pressure and Hysteresis한홍열
2009-03International Productivity Differences and the Roles of Domestic Investment, FDI and TradeDas, Gouranga G.
2017-11Constrained vs unconstrained labor supply: the economics of dual job holding최충
2017-09Limited Communication and Responsibility Budgeting윤성호
2017-09고향기부제도에 대한 비판적 평가 : 일본 고향납세제도의 경험과 지방분권 원리에 기초하여주만수
2017-07Futures markets and real estate public equity : Connectivity of Lumber futures and Timber REITs진창하
2017-06Parallel Imports, their Deterrence and Accommodation with Service Differentiation윤성호
2017-03Food-feed-biofuel trilemma: Biotechnological innovation policy for sustainable developmentDas, Gouranga G.