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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-06Dual Features Functional Support Vector Machines for Fault Detection of Rechargeable Batteries백승현
2009-04Dual Features Functional Support Vector Machines for Fault Detection of Rechargeable Batteries백승현
2009-04A two-stage classification procedure for near-infrared spectra based on multi-scale vertical energy wavelet thresholding and SVM-based gradient-recursive feature elimination백승현
2009-03An Empirical analysis of audit fee price competition after the Korean 1999 Omnibus Cartel Repeal이정화
2017-11Family ownership and risk taking이은정
2017-11Distribution uncertainty and expected stock returns이은정
2017-08Do Employee Citizenship Behaviors Lead to Customer Citizenship Behaviors? The Roles of Dual Identification and Service Climate공태식
2017-04Emotional intelligence in front-line/back-office employee relationships공태식
2016-12Effects of priming self-construals on self-evaluations: Cultural game player perspective송유진
2016-12Does Shareholder Value Orientation or Financial Market Liberalization Slow Down Korean Real Investment?서환주
2016-10Top management team characteristics and organizational creativity윤우진
2016-10Mandatory IFRS adoption and financial analysts’ information environment: Evidence from Korean market김누리
2016-08Understanding Internet service switching behaviour based on the stage model한창희
2016-07A quality requirement analysis method using content analysis of SNS백동현
2016-07The Role of Personalization, Engagement, and Trust in Online Communities공태식
2016-06Effects of Task Complexity on Creative Customer Behavior공태식
2016-06Relaxing Occupational Licensing Requirements: Analyzing Wages and Prices for a Medical Service박경원
2016-02Hybrid kernel density estimation for discriminant analysis with information complexity and genetic algorithm백승현
2015-09Alliance network size, partner diversity, and knowledge creation in small biotech firms윤우진
2015-09Certification Benefits in High-Tech Industry: Evidence from Supply Contracts in the Korean Market김누리