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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08Understanding Internet service switching behaviour based on the stage model한창희; Han, CH; Tyagi, S; Kim, N; Choi, B
2016-10Mandatory IFRS adoption and financial analysts’ information environment: Evidence from Korean market김누리; Kim, S; Kim, N; Kwon, K
2016-10Phase coherence and fragmentation of two-component Bose-Einstein condensates loaded in state-dependent optical lattices심현우; Shim, H; Bergeman, T
2016-10Top management team characteristics and organizational creativity윤우진; Yoon, Woojin; Kim, Sang Ji; Song, Jaeyong
2016-06Relaxing Occupational Licensing Requirements: Analyzing Wages and Prices for a Medical Service박경원; Kleiner, Morris M; Marier, Allison; Park, Kyoung Won; Wing, Coady
2016-06Effects of Task Complexity on Creative Customer Behavior공태식; Gong, Taeshik; Choi, Jin Nam
2016-12Extreme value theory in mixture distributions and a statistical method to control the possible bias최양호; Gwak, Wonseon; Goo, Hyein; Choi, Yang Ho; Ahn, Jae Youn
2016-12Demographic dividend and Asia's economic convergence towards the US하준경; Ha, Joonkyung; Lee, Sang. Hyop
2016-12Effects of priming self-construals on self-evaluations: Cultural game player perspective송유진; Kim, Jungsik; Song, Eugene; Takemoto, Timothy
2016-12Does Shareholder Value Orientation or Financial Market Liberalization Slow Down Korean Real Investment?서환주; Seo, Hwan-Joo; Kim, Han Sung; Kim, Joonil