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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10Effectiveness of Reverse Edges and Uncertainty in PIN-TRUST for Trust Prediction김상욱
2016-10SNS data Visualization for analyzing spatial-temporal distribution of social anxiety최용석
2016-10Design and Analysis of Efficient Parallel Hardware Prime Generators박희진
2016-10Data Locality in Graph Engines: Implications and Preliminary Experimental Results김상욱
2016-10PIN-TRUST: Fast Trust Propagation Exploiting Positive, Implicit, and Negative Information김상욱
2016-09Object Tracking BenchmarkYang, Ming-hsuan
2016-09Motion Normalization Method based on an Inverted Pendulum Model for Clustering권태수
2016-09A Stateful PCE-Based Carrier-Grade Transport Network: Design, Implementation, Evaluation, and Experiences최진식
2016-09The uFLIP benchmark revisited for evaluating SSDs김상욱
2016-09Exploiting remote GPGPU in mobile devices강수용
2016-09Clustering scheme for cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks조인휘
2016-09The MPEG Internet Video-Coding Standard장의선
2010-12A message priority routing protocol for delay tolerant networks (DTN) in disaster areas조인휘
2010-12A context-aware streaming agent method for optimal seamless service in a vertical handover environment조인휘
2010-12A robust and flexible digital rights management system for home networks박용수
2010-12IPAP: Improved privacy and authentication protocol for passive RFID tags박용수
2010-12A tracking framework for augmented reality tours on cultural heritage sites박종일
2010-11EPC Gen2 플랫폼 상에 구현 가능한 경량의 상호 인증 프로토콜박용수
2010-12Scaled zero coefficient-aware IDCT algorithm for fast video decoding장의선
2010-12역량 온톨로지 기반 교육 콘텐츠 검색 시스템차재혁