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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12Mid-Holocene Northern Hemisphere warming driven by Arctic amplification박효석
2019-12Multimedia distributions, bioaccumulation, and trophic transfer of microcystins in the Geum River Estuary, Korea: Application of compound-specific isotope analysis of amino acids신경훈
2019-12비디오 영상의 비지도 영상 정합을 이용한 파랑 이동 속도 추정신성원
2019-12지진해일 조기탐지를 위한 한국의 지진해일 관측장비 최적 위치 제안 연구신성원
2019-11Suppressed CO2 outgassing by an enhanced biological pump in the eastern tropical Pacific예상욱
2019-11Historical change of El Nino properties sheds light on future changes of extreme El Nino예상욱
2019-10A Global/Regional Integrated Model System‐Chemistry Climate Model: 1. Simulation Characteristics예상욱
2019-10Regional Arctic Amplification by a Fast Atmospheric Response to Anthropogenic Sulfate Aerosol Forcing in China예상욱
2019-11Reconstructing spring sea ice concentration in the Chukchi sea over recent centuries: insights into the application of the PIP25 index신경훈
2019-09Change in Relationship between the East Asian Winter Monsoon and the East Asian Jet Stream during the 1998-99 Regime Shift예상욱
2019-09팔당호 난분해성 유기물에 대한 조류기원 유기물의 기여신경훈
2019-09Large-Scale Physical Model Tests for Wave Loads on Wood- Framed Residential Structures신성원
2019-0913C 추적자를 이용한 팔당호 수변역 부유 및 부착조류의 일차생산력과 광합성 색소 생산속도 연구신경훈
2019-12Major AhR-active chemicals in sediments of Lake Sihwa, South Korea: Application of effect-directed analysis combined with full-scan screening analysis신경훈
2019-08Understanding Intermodel Diversity of CMIP5 Climate Models in Simulating East Asian Marginal Sea Surface Temperature in the Near Future (2020-2049)예상욱
2019-01Effect of recent Atlantic warming in strengthening Atlantic-Pacific teleconnection on interannual timescale via enhanced connection with the pacific meridional mode예상욱
2019-07An Episodic Weakening in the Boreal Spring SST-Precipitation Relationship in the Western Tropical Pacific since the Late 1990s예상욱
2019-08Uncoupling between Heterotrophic Bacteria and Phytoplankton and Changes in Trophic Balance Associated with Warming of Seawater in Gyeonggi Bay, Yellow Sea현정호
2019-07Two Types of Heat Wave in Korea Associated With Atmospheric Circulation Pattern예상욱
2019-06Weather noise leading to El Nino diversity in an ocean general circulation model예상욱