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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10Optimization of suspect and non-target analytical methods using GC/TOF for prioritization of emerging contaminants in the Arctic environment문효방
2019-10Association of urinary phthalate metabolites and phenolics with adipokines and insulin resistance related markers among women of reproductive age문효방
2019-11Occurrence and emission of phthalates and non-phthalate plasticizers in sludge from wastewater treatment plants in Korea문효방
2019-09Contamination and spatial distribution of parabens, their metabolites and antimicrobials in sediment from Korean coastal waters문효방
2019-09Maternal exposures to persistent organic pollutants are associated with DNA methylation of thyroid hormone-related genes in placenta differently by infant sex문효방
2019-07Newly Identified AhR-Active Compounds in the Sediments of an Industrial Area Using Effect-Directed Analysis문효방
2019-09Spatial and temporal trends of PCDD/Fs in sediment and bivalves along the Korean coasts during 2001-2012문효방
2019-11Feeding behavior of the ocypodid crab Macrophthalmus japonicus and its effects on oxygen-penetration depth and organic-matter removal in intertidal sediments현정호
2019-08Distinct temporal dynamics of planktonic archaeal and bacterial assemblages in the bays of the Yellow Sea현정호
2019-08Physical Modeling of Horizontal and Vertical Tsunami Forces on the Elevated Overland Structure신성원
2019-08Physical Modelling of the Wave Transmission over a Tetrapod Armored Artificial Reef신성원
2019-11Impacts of typhoon-induced heavy rainfalls and resultant freshwater runoff on the partitioning of organic carbon oxidation and nutrient dynamics in the intertidal sediments of the Han River estuary, Yellow Sea현정호
2019-07Measurements of Normal Incidence Reflection Loss as a Function of Temperature at the Water-Castor Oil Interface최지웅
2019-06Bidirectional equalization based on error propagation detection in long-range underwater acoustic communication최지웅
2019-06Optimal Deployment of Vector Sensor Nodes in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks최지웅
2018-06고주파 능동소나를 이용한 저층 침적 위험유해물질 대체물질 음향 탐지 실험 및 모의최지웅
2019-03Measurements of mid-frequency bottom-interacting signals and geoacoustic inversion in Jinhae Bay, Southeast Korea최지웅
2019-06Time reversal communication using vertical particle velocity and pressure signals in shallow water최지웅
2019-03Sampling and Processing Methods Impact Microbial Community Structure and Potential Activity in a Seasonally Anoxic Fjord: Saanich Inlet, British Columbia현정호
2019-02Combined Effect of the Madden-Julian Oscillation and Arctic Oscillation on Cold Temperature Over Asia박효석