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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-05음향 탐지 성능 분포도 기반에서 함정 최적탐색패턴에 관한 연구최지웅
2018-01Aging extension and modifications of lipid metabolism in the monogonont rotifer Brachionus Koreanus under chronic caloric restriction신경훈
2018-02Comparing discrimination capabilities of fluorescence spectroscopy versus FT-ICR-MS for sources and hydrophobicity of sediment organic matter신경훈
2018-03On the Fragile Relationship Between El Nino and California Rainfall예상욱
2018-12임신 여성 근로자의 제대혈 중 망간 농도 추정문효방
2018-12Accumulation and exposure assessment of persistent chlorinated and fluorinated contaminants in Korean birds문효방
2018-12Perfluoroalkyl acids in serum of Korean children: Occurrences, related sources, and associated health outcomes문효방
2018-03Estimation of different source contributions to sediment organic matter in an agricultural-forested watershed using end member mixing analyses based on stable isotope ratios and fluorescence spectroscopy신경훈
2018-03Distribution of long chain alkyl diols along a south-north transect of the northwestern Pacific region: Insights into a paleo sea surface nutrient proxy신경훈
2018-03수생태 환경 연구에 있어 안정동위원소의 활용과 전망신경훈
2018-04Recent surface cooling in the Yellow and East China Seas and the associated North Pacific climate regime shift예상욱
2018-04Chronic adverse effects of oil dispersed sediments on growth, hatching, and reproduction of benthic copepods: Indirect exposure for long-term tests신경훈
2018-12Ecological Niche Space of Fish Communities in Impounded Sections of Large Rivers: Its Application to Assessment of the Impact of Weirs on River Ecosystems신경훈
2018-12Biogeochemical evidence of anaerobic methane oxidation on active submarine mud volcanoes on the continental slope of the Canadian Beaufort Sea신경훈
2018-11Dissimilar effects of two El Nino types on PM( 2.5 )concentrations in East Asia예상욱
2018-10Prenatal exposure to persistent organic pollutants and methylation of LINE-1 and imprinted genes in placenta: A CHECK cohort study문효방
2018-09An Eastward Shift of the North Pacific Oscillation After the Mid-1990s and Its Relationship With ENSO예상욱
2018-09Diagnosing Physical Mechanisms Leading to Pure Heat Waves Versus Pure Tropical Nights Over the Korean Peninsula예상욱
2018-09Effects of finfish aquaculture on biogeochemistry and bacterial communities associated with sulfur cycles in highly sulfidic sediments현정호
2018-09Synthesis of mycosporine-like amino acids by a size-fractionated marine phytoplankton community of the Arctic Beaufort Sea신경훈