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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-06Organic carbon accumulation and sulfate reduction rates in slope and basin sediments of the Ulleung Basin, East/Japan Sea.현정호
2008-06Evaluation of induction of metallothionein-like proteins (MTLPs) in the polychaetes for biomonitoring of heavy metal pollution in marine sediments신경훈
2008-04Seasonal variation in the community and size structure of nano- and microzoopankton in Gyeonggi Bay, Yellow Sea.현정호
2014-12Adaptive passive fathometer processing using ambient noise received by nested vertical array최지웅
2014-12Measurements of ultrasound attenuation in suspended sediment최지웅
2014-12Acoustic Monitoring of Fish Activity around an Artificial Reef in South Sea, Korea최지웅
2010-12미량금속 노출에 따른 갯지렁이(Perinereis nuntia)의 미량금속축적 및 생리학적인 반응신경훈
2008-02Effects of the coastal sediment elutriates containing persistent organic pollutants (POPs) on early reproductive outputs of the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas문효방
2009-11Spatial and temporal distribution of tributyltin (TBT) in seawater, sediments and bivalves from coastal areas of Korea during 2001-2005문효방
2009-09Effects of the low-frequency zonal wind variation on the high frequency atmospheric variability over the tropics예상욱
2009-09Hydrothermal fluid-controlled remagnetization of sedimentary rocks in Korea: Tectonic importance of pervasive Tertiary remagnetization석동우
2009-09Alkylphenols in the core sediment of a waste dumpsite in the East Sea (Sea of Japan), Korea신경훈
2009-07Population Structure of Minke Whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) in the Korean Waters Based upon Mitochondrial DNA Polymorphism문효방
2009-07Temporal changes of phytoplankton community at different depth of a shallow hypertrophic reservoir in relation to environmental variables depths of a shallow hypertrophic reservoir in relation to environmental variables신경훈
2009-06Nationwide monitoring of nonylphenolic compounds and coprostanol in sediments from Korean coastal waters문효방
2009-06Human health risk of polychlorinated biphenyls and organochlorine pesticides resulting from seafood consumption in South Korea, 2005-2007문효방
2009-05Human exposure to PCDDs, PCDFs and dioxin-like PCBs associated with seafood consumption in Korea from 2005 to 2007문효방
2009-04Historical trends of PCDDs, PCDFs, dioxin-like PCBs and nonylphenols in dated sediment cores from a semi-enclosed bay in Korea: Tracking the sources문효방
2009-04Contribution of auto- and heterotrophic protozoa to the diet of copepods in the Ulleung basin, East Sea/Japan Sea현정호
2009-01Enhanced phytoplankton and bacterioplankton production coupled to coastal upwelling and an anticyclonic eddy in the Ulleung basin, East Sea현정호