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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-09Joint Multicell Beamforming and Client Association in OFDMA Small-Cell Networks윤종원
2016-08Computational Security for Context-Awareness in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks오희국
2016-08Trust Evaluation Based Friend Recommendation in Proximity Based Mobile Social Network오희국
2016-08Rumor Propagation Detection System in Social Network Services오희국
2016-08Vehicle mobility driven by traditional drivers versus connected drivers오희국
2016-08Extended Joint Deep Learning for Pedestrian Detection문영식
2016-07File-System-Level Storage Tiering for Faster Application Launches on Logical Hybrid Disks강경태
2016-07The Joint Adaptive Kalman Filter (JAKF) for Vehicle Motion State Estimation오희국
2016-07Low Light Image Enhancement using Estimated Shade Map문영식
2016-07Challenges of Multi-Objective Optimization in Feature Model of Software Product LineScott Uk-Jin Lee
2016-07Generic Modeling for Pthreads with CilkScott Uk-Jin Lee
2016-06Greening the Video Transcoding Service with Low-Cost Hardware Transcoders윤종원
2016-06SymBiosis: Anti-Censorship and Anonymous Web-Browsing Ecosystem이석복
2016-05Traffic Information Dissemination System: Extending Cooperative Awareness Among Smart Vehicles with only Single-Hop Beacons in VANET오희국
2016-05PRISM: PRivacy-Aware Interest Sharing and Matching in Mobile Social Networks오희국
2016-02Power saving mechanism with network coding in the bottleneck zone of multimedia sensor networks조성현
2015-12HeartSearcher: Finds Patients with Similar Arrhythmias Based on Heartbeat Classification강경태
2015-12Worst Case Analysis of Packet Delay in Avionics Systems for Environmental Monitoring강경태
2015-12Secure and privacy-aware traffic information as a service in VANET-based clouds오희국
2015-11A Personalized Refinement Technique for Semantic Multimedia Content Search in Smart TV이동호