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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-11MSCNN와 cGAN을 이용한 실내안개제거문영식
2018-11An Attack-Resilient CPS Architecture for Hierarchical Control: A Case Study on Train Control Systems강경태
2018-10iFetcher: User-Level Prefetching Framework With File-System Event Monitoring for Linux강경태
2018-09REPICA: Rewriting Position Independent Code of ARM오희국
2018-08Personalised health document summarisation exploiting Unified Medical Language System and topic-based clustering for mobile healthcare이동호
2018-08Secure and Privacy-Aware Incentives-Based Witness Service in Social Internet of Vehicles Clouds오희국
2018-08Time-Multiplexed 1687-Network for Test Cost Reduction박성주
2018-05Characterization of Interference in OFDMA Small-Cell Networks윤종원
2018-06Semantic tag recommendation based on associated words exploiting the interwiki links of Wikipedia이동호
2018-06VideoCoreCluster: Energy-Efficient, Low-Cost, and Hardware-Assisted Video Transcoding System윤종원
2018-04Advanced Primary-Backup Platform with Container-Based Automatic Deployment for Fault-Tolerant Systems강경태
2018-04Accurate 3D Localization Method for Public Safety Applications in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks조성현
2018-03Secure Authentication and Four-Way Handshake Scheme for Protected Individual Communication in Public Wi-Fi Networks조성현
2018-03Multi-Objective Optimum Solutions for IoT-Based Feature Models of Software Product LineLee, Scott Uk-Jin
2018-01Scalable Coding and Prioritized Transmission of ECG for Low-Latency Cardiac Monitoring Over Cellular M2M Networks강경태
2018-02ClusterFetch: A Lightweight Prefetcher for Intensive Disk Reads강경태
2018-02Nearest neighbor search with locally weighted linear regression for heartbeat classification강경태
2018-02A trust-based method for mitigating cache poisoning in Name Data Networking오희국
2008-12Electron-emission properties of titanium carbide-coated carbon nanotubes grown on a nano-sized tungsten tip허신
2008-06An Efficient Interconnect Test Patterns for Crosstalk and Static Faults박성주