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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-11Bridge Inspection Robot System with Machine Vision문영식
2009-10Formal identification of right-grained services for service-oriented modeling도경구
2009-09Unsupervised foreground segmentation using background elimination and graph cut techniques문영식
2009-08Abstract parsing: static analysis of dynamically generated string output using LR-parsing technology도경구
2009-08Image Indexing Using Spatial Texture Pattern for CE Applications문영식
2009-07Handover in Multihop Cellular Networks조성현
2009-05A survey of Flash Translation Layer이동호
2009-05Highly Compact Interconnect Test Patterns for Crosstalk and Static Faults박성주
2009-05Color Transfer in Images Based on Separation of Chromatic and Achromatic Colors문영식
2009-04Proportional fair frequency-domain packet scheduling for 3GPP LTE uplink이석복
2009-04Downlink MIMO with frequency-domain packet scheduling for 3GPP LTE이석복
2009-03On the Effect of Reed-Solomon Coding with Maximum Block Interleaving on MPEG-4 FGS Video Quality in 3G Broadcasting강경태
2009-03An Efficient SoC Test Technique by Reusing On/off-Chip Bus Bridge박성주
2009-02A Hybrid Error Recovery Scheme for Scalable Video Transmission over 3G Cellular Broadcast Networks강경태
2009-01Formal Verification of Semistructured Data Models in PVSLee, Scott Uk-Jin
2009-01Improved Error Control for Real-Time Video Broadcasting Over CDMA2000 Networks강경태
2009-01Reduced Data Rates for Energy-Efficient Reed-Solomon FEC on Fading Channels강경태
2017-12클라우드 환경에서의 DDoS 공격 방지를 위한 엔트로피 기반의 이상 탐지 및 IP 분류 시스템Lee, Scott Uk-Jin
2017-12라즈베리파이 기반 기능성 게임 개발을 위한 모바일 플랫폼Lee, Scott Uk-Jin
2017-12임베디드 소프트웨어를 위한 모듈의 분리성 메트릭김정선