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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-05AES 코아의 비밀키 보호를 위한 새로운 시큐어 스캔 설계 기술박성주
2009-05AMBA AXI 기반의 효율적인 SoC 테스트 제어기 설계박성주
2006-10AMBA 기반 SoC 테스트를 위한 접근 메커니즘 설계박성주
2007-05AMBA 기반 임베디드 코아 테스트를 위한 IEEE 1500레퍼 설계박성주
2006-11A Compression Improvement Technique for Low-Power Scan Test Data박성주
2018-04Cost-efficient Chip Identification Method using Scan Flip-flop based Physically Unclonable Function박성주
2007-12Crosstalk 고장 점검을 위한 효과적인 연결선 테스트 패턴 생성 알고리즘에 관한 연구박성주
2005-07Crosstalk과 정적 고장을 고려한 효과적인 연결선 테스트 알고리즘 및 BIST 구현박성주
2007-05Design of Test Access Mechanism for AMBA Based System-on-a-Chip박성주
2007-10Design Reuse of on/off-Chip Bus Bridge for Efficient Test Access to AMBA-based SoC박성주
2008-11A Design-for-Debug(DfD) for NoC-Based SoC Debugging via NoC박성주
2005-05Efficient Interconnect Test Patterns and BIST Implementation for Crosstalk and Static Faults박성주
2008-06An Efficient Interconnect Test Patterns for Crosstalk and Static Faults박성주
2006-11Efficient Interconnect Test Patterns for Crosstalk and Static Faults박성주
2007-12An Efficient Link Controller for Test Access to IP Core-based Embedded System Chips박성주
2016-04Efficient Pre-Bond Testing of TSV Defects Based on IEEE std. 1500 Wrapper Cells박성주
2008-10An Efficient Secure Scan Design for an SoC Embedding AES Core박성주
2007-11Hybrid Test Data Compression Technique for Low-power Scan Test Data박성주
2005-09Hybrid Test Data Compression Technique for SoC Scan Testing박성주
2006-10IEEE 1149.1 테스트 기능이 내장된 PCI/USB 통합 인터페이스 회로의 설계박성주
2008-02IEEE 1500 래퍼를 이용한 효과적인 AMBA 기반 시스템-온-칩 코아 테스트박성주
2008-06Interconnect Delay Fault Test on Boards and SoCs with Multiple Clock Domains박성주
2006-10Interconnect Delay Fault Test on Boards and SoCs with Multiple Clock Domains박성주
2008-05Low Cost Scan Test for IEEE 1500-Based SoC박성주
2016-10Low Power Scan Chain Reordering Method with Limited Routing Congestion for Code-based Test Data Compression박성주
2004-02A new synthesis technique of sequential circuits for low power and testing박성주
2017-07On Diagnosing the Aging Level of Automotive Semiconductor Devices박성주
2008-06Optimal SoC Test Interface for Wafer and Final Tests박성주
2006-10Parallel CRC Logic Optimization Algorithm for High Speed Communication Systems박성주
2015-11SCAN-PUF: PUF Elements Selection Methods for Viable IC Identification박성주