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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-07Fe-doped InP semi-insulating buried heterostructure for high speed and high power operations in directly modulated semiconductor laser심종인
2004-07Photoinduced patterning of gold thin film안일신
2004-06공진현상을 감소시키기 위한 효율적인 파워/그라운드 네트 워크 디자인심종인
2004-06디커플링 방법을 이용한 RC-Coupled 배선의 해석적 지연시간 예측 모델심종인
2004-06An Improved Approach of Optical Loss Measurement Using Photocurrent and Optical Transmission in an Electroabsorption Modulator심종인
2004-05Calibration and data reduction for a UV-extended rotating-compensator multichannel ellipsometer안일신
2004-05Multichannel Mueller matrix ellipsometer based on the dual rotating compensator principle안일신
2004-05Simultaneous determination of bulk isotropic and surface-induced anisotropic complex dielectric functions of semiconductors from high speed Mueller matrix ellipsometry안일신
2004-05Analysis of the optical properties and structure of sculptured thin films from spectroscopic Mueller matrix ellipsometry안일신
2004-06Effect of Extreme Ultraviolet Light Scattering from the Rough Absorber and Buffer Side Wall안일신
2004-06The Extraction of Develop Parameters by Using Cross-Sectional Critical Shape Error Method안일신
2004-05Design and Fabrication of a 10 Gb/s InGaAs/InP Avalanche Photodiode(APD) based on the Non-local Model심종인
2004-05The Effects of Semi-insulating Current Blocking Layers on Static and Dynamic Characteristics in Direct-modulated Semiconductor Lasers심종인
2004-04Nonlinear Properties of Traveling-Wave Electroabsorption Modulator심종인
2004-04Analytical Models and Algorithms for the Efficient Signal Integrity Verification of Inductance-Effect-Prominent Multicoupled VLSI Circuit Interconnects심종인
2004-03Analytical Dynamic Time Delay Model of Strongly Coupled RLC Interconnect Lines Dependent on Switching심종인
2004-02Slope Efficiency and Dynamic Range of Traveling-Wave Multiple-Quantum-Well Electroabsorption Modulators심종인
2004-02증폭층 설계를 위한 local 모델과 non-local 모델의 비교 및 분석심종인
2004-02진행파형 반도체 광증폭기에서 이득포화 및 잡음특성의 활성층 구조 의존성심종인
2004-01디커플링 커패시터가 존재하는 파워/그라운드 라인의 SSN모델링심종인