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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11Forward-Capacitance Measurement on Wide-Bandgap Light-Emitting Diodes심종인
2016-11Wafer-Level Electroluminescence Metrology for InGaN Light-Emitting Diodes심종인
2016-10Critical properties of the quantum rotor model with phase frustration at incommensurate filling in two dimensions차민철
2016-09Effects of unbalanced carrier injection on the performance characteristics of InGaN light-emitting diodes심종인
2016-08On the ideality factor of the radiative recombination current in semiconductor light-emitting diodes심종인
2016-04Influences of the p-GaN Growth Temperature on the Optoelectronic Performances of GaN-Based Blue Light-Emitting Diodes심종인
2016-04Adaptable beam profiles from a dual-cavity Nd:YAG laser김지원
2016-03Monolithic Integration and Design of Solution-Processed Metal-Oxide Circuitry in Organic Photosensor Arrays김재균
2015-11Matrix product state approach to the finite-size scaling properties of the one-dimensional critical quantum Ising model차민철
2015-12High-power TEM00 and Laguerre-Gaussian mode generation in double resonator configuration김지원
2015-08Continuous and reversible tuning of the disorder-driven superconductor-insulator transition in bilayer graphene차민철
2015-07Self-pulsing-free continuous-wave operation of an all-fiberized Yb fiber laser김지원
2015-05Application of imaging ellipsometry to the detection of latent fingermarks안일신
2015-02Analysis of efficiency droop in 280-nm AlGaN multiple-quantum-well light-emitting diodes based on carrier rate equation심종인