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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-06Determination of the Optical Functions of Various Liquids by Rotating Compensator Multichannel Spectroscopic Ellipsometry안일신
2005-06Bulk Effects of Thermal Flow Resists안일신
2005-06Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Studies of Thin Films Prepared by Glancing Angle Deposition안일신
2005-06Calibration-Free Multichannel Ellipsometry for Retardance Measurement안일신
2005-05Ohmic Contacts of Pd/Zn/Pt(or Pd)Au Materials to P-TYPE InP심종인
2005-05A New TWA based Efficient Signal Integrity Verification Technique for Non-Uniform RLC Interconnect Lines심종인
2005-04Ohmic Contacts of Pd/Zn/M(=Pd of Pt)/Au to p-Type InP심종인
2005-04Chirp parameter of electroabsorption modulators with InGaAsP intrastep quantum wells신동수
2005-02Waveguiding effect in electroabsorption modulators: passivation layers and their impact on extinction ratios신동수
2006-12A measurement of modal gain profile and its effect on the lasing performance in vertical-external-cavity surface-emitting lasers심종인
2006-12Single Anti-Reflection Coating Optimization with Different Polarizations for Hyper Numerical Aperture Immersion Lithography안일신
2006-11Chromeless Phase Lithography Using Scattering Bars and Zebra Patterns안일신
2006-11Investigation of Optimum Biasing and Undercut for Single Trench Alternating Phase Shift Mask in 193 nm Lithography안일신
2006-11Correlation functions at generic superfluid-insulator transition in two dimensions차민철
2006-11Nonlinear Optical Response of 1-D Photonic Crystals Fabricated by Using a SOl-Gel Method안일신
2006-10Evaluation of radiative efficiency in InGaN blue-violet laser-diode structures using electroluminescence characteristics심종인
2006-10Waveguide structural effect on ripples of far-field pattern in 405nm GaN-based laser diodes심종인
2006-10Highly integrated 10Gb/s optical sub-assembly and its circuit modeling심종인
2006-09Picosecond Nonlinear OPtical Transmission Measurement on Anatase TiO2 THin Films안일신
2006-08The Influence of Transmission Reduction by Mask Haze Formation in ArF Lithography안일신