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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-06Design and Fabrication of Integrated Micro Ammonia Analysis System (IMAAS) with Micro Reactor and In-Plane Type Optical Detector using Berthelot Reaction and Micro Fluidic Devices김정림
2006-10Design, fabrication and characterization of an integrated micro ammonia analysis system (IMAAS) with microreactor and in-plane type optical detector based on the Berthelot reaction김정림
2017-07Determination of Five Alternative Antifouling Agents Found Along the Korean Coasts이용우
2017-09Determination of five alternative antifouling agents in Korean marine sediments이용우
2008-12Determination of new antifouling agents in seacoasts in Korea by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry원호식
2016-12Determination of the concentrations of alternative antifouling agents on the Korean coast이용우
2005-12Diels-Alder 반응을 통한 Cycloadducts of Bicyclolactone의 입체 이성질체 구조 연구원호식
2005-02Direct Deoxygenation of Aryl Ketones Using Gallium(III) Chloride and Chlorodimethylsilane강용한
2017-01Discovery of benzimidazole derivatives as modulators of mitochondrial function: A potential treatment for Alzheimer's disease민선준
2018-08Discovery of beta-Arrestin Biased Ligands of 5-HT7R민선준
2018-02Discovery of Potent and Selective Allosteric Inhibitors of Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 3 (PRMT3)민선준
2007-05Discovery, Synthesis, and Characterization of an Isomeric CoordinationDiscovery, Synthesis, and Characterization of an Isomeric Coordination Polymer with Pillared Kagome Net Topology전형필
2017-08Distribution of Heavy Metals in Korean Coastal Areas Correlated to Emission from Industrial Operations이용우
2008-01Effect of Isocyanate-Modified Fumed Silica on the Properties of Poly(butylene succinate) Nanocomposites김동국
2006-11Effect of supramolecular hydrogen bonded network on the properties of maleated ethylene propylene diene rubber/maleated high density polyethylene blend based thermoplastic elastomer김동국
2019-08The Effect of the ortho Nitro Group in the Solvolysis of Benzyl and Benzoyl Halides박경호
2009-01Effects of Crosslinking Agent and Flame Retardant on the Dielectric Properties of Poly(phenylene ether)-based Polymer Substrate Material경진범
2008-05Efficient Hydrogen Sorption in 8-Connected MOFs Based on Trinuclear Pinwheel Motifs전형필
2015-12Evaluation of Chemical Interactions between Small Molecules in the Gas Phase Using Chemical Force Microscopy민선준
2006-02Face-Driven Corner-Linked Octahedral Nanocages:  M6L8 Cages Formed by C3-Symmetric Triangular Facial Ligands Linked via C4-Symmetric Square Tetratopic PdII Ions at Truncated Octahedron Corners원호식