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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019공급사슬의 발주량 결정문제를 위한 빅데이터 분석방법 적용과 최적화 모형 및 해법양영현
2019스마트 보충의 계획과 관리를 위한 최적화 모형과 해법노지성
2019게이트 순환 신경망 기반 고장 예지 모형과 비주기적 예방보전 정책이주현
2019Advanced green supply chain management policies under circular economyMehran Ullah
2019Advanced operational policies under multi-stage production managementMuhammad Tayyab
2019-02공학시스템의 진동신호를 이용한 데이터 주도 상태진단 및 고장예측 모형 개발박지현
2019-02축차 샘플링을 이용한 유한 모집단의 베이지안 신뢰성 입증 시험 프로세스 개발전종선
2019-02Sustainable supply chain management for next-generation energy by integrating environmental, economic, and social strategiesWaqas Ahmed
2019-02Decision support system of optimum bargaining and cost allocation strategies under a supply chain managementAsif Iqbal Malik
2019-02공급사슬 계획과 운영을 위한 다목적 의사결정 최적화 모형과 해법조수연
2019-02Effect of workplace stress in short term and long term controllable production systemMuhammad Omair
2019-02Development of Composite Scale of Body Fatigue by Using Electromyography and Subjective Measure during Squat LiftingImranAhmad
2019-02Development of Decomposition Based Extended Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average (DEARIMA) Forecasting Method for Cost UncertaintyMuhammad Imran
2019-02Formal Modelling for Analysis of User and Supervisor Interfaces using TZ-Automaton and Generating Interfaces by Weak Bi-SimulationShazada Muhammad Umair Khan
2018-08재무성과 향상과 최적 현금흐름을 위한 프로젝트 예산 편성권혁천
2018-08Effects of advanced preservation policy on primary and secondary supply chain managementMuhammad Waqas Iqbal
2018-08Financial Supply Chain Management with Transportation Policy under Controllable Lead TimeSung Jun Kim
2018-02Design of safety management system for developing country based on the perception of safetyMuhammad Dawood Idrees
2018-02Psychophysiological Identification of Game Addicts and Non-Addicts by Statistical Modelling with EEG DataMaria Hafeez
2018-02Robust Optimization for Post-Disaster Debris Management in Humanitarian Supply Chain: a Sustainable Recovery ApproachMuhammad Salman Habib