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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-08재무성과 향상과 최적 현금흐름을 위한 프로젝트 예산 편성권혁천
2018-08Effects of advanced preservation policy on primary and secondary supply chain managementMuhammad Waqas Iqbal
2018-08Financial Supply Chain Management with Transportation Policy under Controllable Lead TimeSung Jun Kim
2018-02Design of safety management system for developing country based on the perception of safetyMuhammad Dawood Idrees
2018-02Psychophysiological Identification of Game Addicts and Non-Addicts by Statistical Modelling with EEG DataMaria Hafeez
2018-02Robust Optimization for Post-Disaster Debris Management in Humanitarian Supply Chain: a Sustainable Recovery ApproachMuhammad Salman Habib
2017-08An imperfect serial-production system with variable production rate, setup cost reduction, random defective rate, and rework processLiPan
2017-08부하분배체계를 가진 혼합 구조에 대한 경쟁적 위험모형의 구축박성환
2017-08대여 장비의 신뢰도 한계 기반 최적 예방보전 정책의 결정배기호
2017-08Optimizing a fuzzy inventory model using multithreading and artificial neural network under inflationArijit Sarkar