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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Study on the Development of Submicrofilter for Medical Filtration System Using Nanoporous SilicaHongwoon Lee
2019Chemical Transformation of One-dimensional Nanostructured Semiconductors for Thermoelectric and Sensing ApplicationsPARK, KeeRyung
2019-02Studies on the Development of Functional Carbon Nanomaterials for Optical Sensing and PhotocatalysisSu-Ji Jeon
2019-02Cell-free therapeutic systems using exosomes derived from human adipose stem cells for the treatment of osteoarthritisWoo, Chang Hee
2019-023-Dimensional Percolated Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposite on Their Thermal and Electrical ApplicationsSeung Han Ryu
2018-08백색/베이지색 지방세포로 분화되는 줄기세포로부터 유도된 엑소좀 기반 무세포 치료 시스템정연제
2018-02내부식성이 우수한 대유량 금속멤브레인의 특성 및 응용에 관한 연구성기훈
2018-02인쇄전자 및 광전자 소자 응용을 위한 직접 패터닝 된 고성능 플렉시블 전극 제작 및 특성평가권영태
2018-02에너지 변환 응용을 위한 결정질 실리콘 기반 이종접합 소자에 관한 연구남윤호
2018-02A study on the inorganic-organic hybrids based on silicon-polymers and perovskite materials for energy and environment applicationsAbdul Sami Rajput
2018-02Study of silicon photoelectrode for photoelectrochemical water splitting박민준
2017-08Synthesis of nylon 12/graphene nanocomposites via in-situ ring opening polymerization and their properties홍성준
2017-08Fine Structure Control and Multi-luminescence Property of Cadmium-free Quantum Dots with Rare EarthJi Young Park