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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019마이크로광섬유 기반 변형 및 상대습도 센서 연구신종철
2019-02Spin-orbit torque-induced magnetic dynamics of perpendicularly magnetized CoFeB multilayer framesSeungmo Yang
2019-02Negative probability models to identify quantum featuresJae, Jeongwoo
2019-02Study on Electronic Transport and Dynamics of Metal Dichalcogenides Toward Advanced Devices추동일
2019-02Zn and Ta oxide materials-based resistive and threshold switching devicesTaeyoon Kim
2018-08Single photon experiments for quantum applications: quantum sensing, quantum machine learning, and quantum decision theoryJoong-Sung Lee
2018-08Study on electromagnetic properties of perfect absorbers based on metamaterialsKim, Young Ju
2018-08Study on the near-field coupling of resonators in metamaterial for electromagnetic-wave absorptionBui Son Tung
2018-02펄스레이저 증착법으로 제작된 ZnTe:Cr 기반의 중간밴드 태양전지에 대한 연구이경수
2018-02Optimizations for ultra-small and wide-incident-angle metamaterial perfect absorbers at low frequencyBui Xuan Khuyen
2017-08펄스레이저증착법으로 제작된 n-ZnO/p-Si 이종접합구조의 광전 특성 연구강지훈
2017-08Field-tracing에 기반한 회절광학계 설계 및 제작이재강
2017-08필드트레이싱을 이용한 모형안 시뮬레이션 & 마이크로 회절격자 제조장비 설계오세진