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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-02A study on flexible-metamaterial absorption properties of electromagnetic wave according to the substrate bendingHyemi Son
2019Competing edge structures of Sb and Bi bilayers generated by trivial and nontrivial band topologiesJeong, SangMin
2017-08Field-tracing에 기반한 회절광학계 설계 및 제작이재강
2019Infrared Spectroscopic Study on Ferromagnetic Insulator (LaCoO3)n/(SrCoO2.5)n SuperlatticesSeungju Noh
2018-08Ion Acoustic Surface Waves in a Degenerate Plasma정관용
2019-02Negative probability models to identify quantum featuresJae, Jeongwoo
2018-02Optimizations for ultra-small and wide-incident-angle metamaterial perfect absorbers at low frequencyBui Xuan Khuyen
2019-02Performance of spin orbit torque-driven electronic synapse function in perpendicularly magnetized multilayers신정훈
2018-02Poly(dimethylsloxane)(PDMS) 의 2단계 표면 플라즈마 처리를 이용한 의류형 정전 에너지 수확 소자의 성능 향상이충현
2018-08Review of Higgs inflation with large nonminimal coupling between scalar field and curvatureKwanhun Lee
2018-08Single photon experiments for quantum applications: quantum sensing, quantum machine learning, and quantum decision theoryJoong-Sung Lee
2019-02Spin-orbit torque-induced magnetic dynamics of perpendicularly magnetized CoFeB multilayer framesSeungmo Yang
2018-08Stochastic quantization and holographic wilsonian Renormomalization group of free massive fermionSung Pil Moon
2019-02Study of the Muon Isolation Efficiency in High Jet Multiplicity Environment at the LHCLuu Thi Lan
2018-08Study on electromagnetic properties of perfect absorbers based on metamaterialsKim, Young Ju
2019-02Study on Electronic Transport and Dynamics of Metal Dichalcogenides Toward Advanced Devices추동일
2018-08Study on the near-field coupling of resonators in metamaterial for electromagnetic-wave absorptionBui Son Tung
2018-02Synthesis Control of ZnO Nanoframes and Their Application of Energy Harvesting for Self- Powered Wearable Devices최다송
2019Telescope Array의 지표면 검출기를 이용한 초고에너지 우주선의 에너지 스펙트럼 비등방성 탐색이은호
2019-02Zn and Ta oxide materials-based resistive and threshold switching devicesTaeyoon Kim