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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The Improvement of Wall Shear Stress Accuracy by High Spatial Resolution in 4D Flow MRI양병권
2019Measurement of viscoelastic properties of the human lower limb soft tissue using a stretch reflex activation model and vibration testMoon Jeong KANG
2019Machine-Learning-Based Classification and Flow-Induced Noise Reduction of Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow Using Flow VisualizationKim, Gangjune
2019Fuel Cell based CHP System Simulator DevelopmentHwang Sehoon
2019Droplet Control Using Light-Induced Thermocapillary Force on Microfluidic ChipJune Won
2019-02The Study of Crank train Friction Characteristics for Friction Loss Reduction in Light-duty Diesel EngineSeokhwon Lee
2019-02Smart acoustic meta-structure with magnetic-reactive porous medium for noise controlBo-seung Kim
2019-02RDE 및 시험실 결과의 시험조건 변화에 따른 규제 배출가스 및 온실가스 특성에 관한 연구권석주
2019-02Simulation and Experimental Verification to Investigate the Oil Behavior for the Fluid Dynamic Bearings with Double SealsLee, Minho
2019-02Optimization of Piston Geometry and Operating Conditions of Diesel Engines Using Genetic AlgorithmLee, Seung pil
2019-02Investigation of the magnetic excitation forces due to simultaneous existence of eccentricities and uneven magnetization in a permanent magnet motorJeongyong Song
2019-02Experimental Investigation of Nano/microstructures Integrated on Functional Polymeric Materials for Controlled Surface AdhesionHanmin Jang
2019-02Improvement of Hemodynamic Analysis by 4D Flow MRI: Reynolds Resolution, Partial Volume Effect, Carotid Flow고승빈
2019-02Development of Cu nanoparticle-ink and its flash light sintering process for various substrateChung-Hyeon Ryu
2019-02Analysis of Biomolecular Interactions Using Fast Electrokinetic Microfluidic ChipNakchul Choi
2018-08Topology Optimization of Noise Reduction Structure for Aeroacoustic Sound SourceKim, Ki Hyun
2018-08Topology optimization considering static failure of composite laminate with the layerwise theoryJong Wook Lee
2018-08Meta-structured concrete fabrication and radiated sound analysis of rolling noise for complex polymer concrete slab railwaySangkeun Ahn
2018-08Property Investing of Hierarchically Layered Double Hydroxide and Derivative as Binder-free Electrode for High Performance Supercapacitors진흔
2018-08Late Injection HCCI 연소 최적화를 위한 압축비, 스월강도, 분무 파라미터의 영향 분석윤성준