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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Two-way FSI analysis of a whale’s caudal fin-inspired soft robotTae-Han Kang
2019경계층 흡입이 S-Duct의 유동 왜곡에 미치는 영향성 연구백승용
2019The effect of Rehydration Conditions on the Mechanical Properties of CNT reinforced cementitious composites at Elevated TemperatureSu Chuanrui
2019Study on thermal degradation and mechanical recovery characteristics of Portland cement paste incorporating CNT and nano-SiO2Chen Xi
2019Structure vibration absorption using elastic pendulum dynamic vibration absorber at the ultra-low frequencySeon Il Ha
2019안내 깃이 장착된 시로코 팬 성능과 내부 유동 연구이종원
2019레이저 수신을 이용한 초음파 비선형 파라미터 측정의 표면 거칠기 효과 보정이주호
2019Shape optimization for low pressure and low speed hyperelastic seal using genetic algorithmJong-Woo Lee
2019Progressive failure analysis of woven composites based on micro-mechanicsKyung-Hee CHOI
2019Prediction of the vacuum assisted resin transfer molding process considering the directional permeabilityJae-In KIM
2019Effects of Velocity Smoothing Filter on Pressure Estimation Using Work-Energy Relative Pressure MethodMuhammad Hafidz Ariffudin
2019Generation of optimal pipe paths for system air conditioners in a BIM environmentLim, Jin Sung
2019Geometrical parametric study and design of pulse shaper for obtaining optimum signal in Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB)Gil, Hae Don
2019CNN 알고리즘을 이용한 노이즈맵핑 연구최성규
20193차원 DSMC를 이용한 박막증착공정에서 금속 증기의 적합한 분자모델 선정에 관한 연구강대인
2019Design and Manufacture Process of Atypical Glass Fiber-reinforced High-strength Concrete Structural Product Using 3D Powder Binding Technique허가호
2019A study on selective composite patch for light weight and quality improvement of battery moduleSeung-chan Lee
2019Effect of CNT-TNT Hybrid Nano–Reinforcing on the Properties of Cementitious PasteLiu Junxing
2019-02체결압력이 작용하는 탄소 다공성 확산 물질의 비 균일 기계적 변형에 대한 수치해석적 분석박상호
2019-02연료전지 차량의 냉시동성 개선을 위한 금속 분리판 소재별 표면의 바나듐 산화물 박막 제조 및 온도-저항 특성 비교 분석김지형