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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-08DME-LPG 혼합연료의 분무특성에 관한 연구김웅일
2015-02프로니 해석을 이용한 브레이크 MoC 래틀 소음의 신뢰성 시험 방법이재철
2015-02통계적 모델을 이용한 마찰진동특성 연구강원석
2015-02Optimization of valve gate timings of an automotive cowl top cover for minimizing cavity pressure배성민
2015-02The effect of poly (N-vinylpyrrolidone) molecular weight on flash light sintering of copper nanoparticle paste유충현
2015-02Reduction of Moan Noise by Frequency Response Function Based Substructuring and Optimization Techniques이선훈
2015-02Development of a computer–based composition method by analyzing and modifying scale-free network of music임남훈
2015-02Development of an augmented centroidal Voronoi tessellation for utilization of scattered data조인용
2015-02Development of a crawling microrobot with a drilling ability and its closed-loop control methodology using bi-plane camera김승주
2015-02Fatigue Life Estimation of Solid-state Drive due to the Effect of Dummy Solder Ball under Forced Vibration이주엽
2015-02Laser Based Ultrasonic Inspection in Ablation Regime김진겸
2015-02A study on the spray, combustion and emissions characteristics of biobutanol fuel in a GDI engine system고진석
2015-02Design optimization of a vehicle suspension systems for ride and handling performance김도원
2015-02A study for improving performance of solid oxide fuel cell using GDC interlayer반명석
2015-02Coupled Analysis of the Fluid Dynamic Bearings with a Recirculation Channel by Solving the Reynolds and Hagen-Poiseuille Equations강치호
2015-02Active Noise Control Algorithm Development through 3-Dimensional sound김준종
2015-08Preparation of Porous CoAl-layered Double Hydroxide/Graphene Composite with Enhanced Capacitive Performance for Supercapacitors유정헌
2015-08Reduction of Vehicle Noise by Modifying the Stiffness of Joint Parts by Applying a Substructuring Method윤정민
2015-08제품 형상 및 딜리버리 시스템을 고려한 사출성형 냉각채널의 모델링 자동화 기법 개발서진호
2015-08분자 동역학을 이용한 탄소나노튜브-알루미늄 복합재의 기계적 성질 예측최봉규