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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-02양방향 유체-구조 연성해석을 이용한 단일 밸브 진공 척의 내부 형상 최적화박지훈
2018-02복합재 코일스프링 설계 및 멀티스케일 기법을 적용한 수명 예측Lee, Hwan Hee
2018-02인체-차량 결합 모델을 이용한 승차감 지수 연구유미로
2018-02고체 전해질 슈퍼 커패시터를위한 양극 전극으로서의 NiCo2O4 산화물의 제조에 관한 연구해서
2018-02대동맥 외상 파열 원리에 관련한 유한 요소의 재건 및 시뮬레이션남기봉
2018-02Tribo-Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Behavior Investigation of Anodized Ti–V alloyBingrong Han
2018-02레이저 여기 표면파를 이용한 표면 결함의 합성 개구 영상화김상민
2018-02Synthesis of NiCo2O4@NiCo2O4 Layered Nanoflake Arrays on Nickel Foam for Supercapacitor Applicationjianzhou xu
2018-02Synthesis and properties investigation of HA/ZnO/CNT nanocomposite for biomedical applicationsMugeDing
2018-02Study on flow noise in solenoid valve for a vehicle brake system전재영
2018-02Hierarchically constructed Nickel Cobalt Sulfide/ Ni Co-layered Double Hydroxide core-shell Nanoarrays grown in situ on Nickel foam for SupercapacitorsAng Li
2018-02HA/TiO2/CNT 나노 복합체 세라믹의 생 역학적 특성 및 마찰 공학 특성에 관한 연구진천의
2018-02Preparation of graphene-hydrogel-loaded Ni Al layered double hydroxide as an electrode for supercapacitors왕에초
2018-02Optimal Design of Fluid Dynamic Bearings to Reduce Vibration of a Polygon Mirror MotorSangmin Lee
2018-02Prediction of Permeability in RTM Process for Composite Based on Multi-scale Approach조용주
2018-02Phase inversion-based nonlinear ultrasonic technique이푸른
2018-02Study of high-performance film heater based on nanocarbon available at a low voltageSang-Hyun, Jang
2018-02Effects of Surface Roughness on Ultrasonic Nonlinearity Measurement using Contact Transducer하홍필
2018-02Electrodeposited Ni-Co layered double hydroxides on titanium carbide as a binder-free electrode for asymmetric supercapacitorsHui LI
2018-02Electrodeposited NiAl-layered double hydroxide on Co3O4 as binder-free electrode for supercapacitorYuzhi HENG