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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019터치트리거프로브를 이용한 다축 공작기계의 위치오차 측정정지훈
2019직선운동 볼가이드의 정적-동적-열적 특성 해석오광제
2019Numerical Modeling for Spray and Real-Fluid Combustion Processes in Supercritical PressureJung, Ki Young
2019Porosity Detection and Prediction Algorithm of Galvannealed High-Strength Steel Welds in Gas Metal Arc Welding ProcessSeungmin Shin
2019Plunge Depth Control and Hook Formation Analysis with Friction Stir Welding in Lap Jointed Al/FeJin Young Yoon
2019The Effect of Material Shear Nonlinearity on the Predictive Capabilities of Failure Criteria for Multidirectional LaminatesHongli Jia
2019Topology-oriented Incremental Algorithm for the Robust Construction of the Voronoi Diagram of Disks and BallsMokwon Lee
2019A Study on the Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Based Approach for Solving Inverse Problems: Hydraulic Transient Flow and Heterogeneous ReactionBonchan Koo
2019An Investigation on the Flow Characteristics of the Subsonic Diffusing S-shaped IntakesJihyeong Lee
2019Characterizing Erosion Mixing of a Confined Stratified Layer by Turbulent Impinging JetLee, Wooyoung
2019-02Development and performance investigation of gas separation processes for the reduction of greenhouse gas emission: CO2 absorption and biogas purificationChul U Bak
2019-02Development and investigation of heat dissipation for thermal effect of Metal/Carbon compositesSangwoo Kim
2019-023차원 이산 요소 법을 이용한 볼 밀 방식 연마 성능 해석과 실험을 통한 검증김범초
2018-08다물체 체인 시스템의 효율적인 동적 시뮬레이션을 위한 자코비안 수식화임준현
2018-08Multiscale-based Fatigue Life Prediction of Composite Wind Turbine BladesChengzhuJin
2018-08Multiscale structural-fluidic coupled approaches to mass transport enhancement in deformable porous transport media for fuel cell systemsKim, Ah-Reum
2018-08고온 언소가스 재순환에 의한 NOx 저감 특성에 대한 실험적 연구권민준
2018-02등가정하중을 이용한 점탄성 재료 구조물의 최적설계최욱한
2018-02비정상 화염편 연소모델을 사용한 비예혼합 및 부분예혼합 난류 화염장 수치해석박상운
2018-02고분해능을 갖는 실시간 입경별 수농도 분포 측정기의 개발 및 성능평가이홍규