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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Study on the noble metal catalysts for high-efficiency Li-O2 battery cathodesYo Sub Jeong
2019Morphological Change of Electrochemical Properties of Surface-Modified Alkali Metal AnodeJuhye Song
2019-02Thin-Film Composite Membranes and Their Modules for Post-Combustion CO2 CaptureYoo, Myung Jin
2019-02Prussian-blue-analogues-derived Nanostructure and Nanomaterials for Energy Storage and Energy ConversionYi Feng
2019-02High performance flexible/weavable lithium ion batteries enabled by flexible component, enhanced adhesion and elaborate structureHa, Sung Hoon
2019-02Engineering Graphene Oxide for Membrane ApplicationsJae Eun Shin
2019-02Li Intercalation into Carbonaceous Anode Materials for LiAlCl4∙3SO2 Electrolyte Based Lithium Ion BatteryAyoung Kim
2019-02A study on the improvement method of the electrochemical performance and stability of the layered structural Ni-rich cathode materials for lithium ion batteriesKang-Joon PARK
2019-02Design of Cobalt-Based Transitional Metal Chalcogenide Anodes for High-Performance Rechargeable BatteriesJuan Xiang
2018-08Surface Engineering of Graphite Anode Material with MOx for Fast Chargeable Lithium ion BatteryKim, Dae Sik
2018-08미세구조 제어를 통한 규소 기반 음극 물질의 리튬 저장 특성 개선손명범
2018-08Structure-Designed Iron-Based Anodes for High-Performance Rechargeable BatteriesZhimingLiu
2018-02미세구조 조절을 통한 소듐이온전지용 O3-type 층상계 Na[NixCoyMnz]O2 양극 소재의 전기화학 성능 향상 연구황장연
2018-02리튬공기전지 레독스 메디에이터로서 할로겐화리튬에 관한 연구곽원진
2018-02Hydrogen Silsesquioxane으로부터 제조된 고용량 리튬 저장 소재용 Si/SiOx 나노복합체의 리튬 저장 특성박은준
2018-02Thermal Rearrangement Behavior of Polymer Membranes Controlled by Molecular Architecture도유성
2018-02Factors affecting Li2O2 Formation in Li-O2 Batteries박진범
2017-08효율적인 이산화탄소 분리를 위한 산화그래핀/고분자 복합막의 분자설계이슬기
2017-08SOFC용 Ni- 연료극의 전기 화학적 특성 및 장기 안정성 평가박은희
2017-08Size-Selective Mixed Matrix Membrane for CO2 Separation Driven by Porous Nanosheets with Exceptionally High Surface Area이현희