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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-08MRI 반응성을 지닌 glycyrrhizin-glycol chitosan conjugation 물질로 코팅된 나노산화철입자를 이용한 자기력 유도성 췌장세포 이식기술 및 면역반응 제어SOO BIN JANG
2018-08Anti-obesity effect of Chitosan-glycyrrhizin conjugate김영훈
2018-02생체모방형 마이크로입자 개발천연지
2018-02연골재생을 위한 생체적합 자가치유 하이드로젤 사용 3차원 바이오프린팅김상우
2018-02연골재생을 위한 히알루론산-알긴산 하이브리드 하이드로젤의 기계적 성질 제어이현지
2018-02다당류 기반 자가치유 자성젤의 제조 및 특성분석고은석
2018-02방사선 이용 노무라입깃해파리 (Nemopilema nomurai) 펩신가용화 콜라겐 추출 및 생화학적 특성 연구김수민
2018-02Docking simulation and activity test of PRL1 allosteric site김관희
2018-02Engineering an aligned endothelial monolayer on a topologically modified nanofibrous platform with a micropatterned structure produced by femtosecond laser ablationHyeok Jun SHIN
2018-02Oncolytic adenovirus-mediated expression of micro RNA-based short-hairpin RNA under the control of RNA polymerase II promoter induces cancer-specific gene silencingHa-Neul Ji
2018-02Oncolytic adenoviral replication-permissive cell sheet as a local delivery platform for the treatment of multifocal hepatocellular carcinoma김태극
2018-02Studies on systemic delivery of insoluble cancer drugs with low-molecular weight methylcelluloseYe Ji LEE
2018-02Preparation of external stimuli sensitive nanoparticles containing selenium and their biological evaluationHyo chan Park
2018-02Blocking Fas signaling prevents obesity associated inflammation, insulin resistance, and hepatosteatosis배수민
2018-02Crystal structure and enzyme activity of DUSP19 with cavity-creating mutationsDa Gyung JU
2018-023차원 프린팅된 순수 젤라틴 스캐폴드를 서로 다른 방법의 가교방식을 통한 생체 친화성 확인고영재
2018-02Beta-2 agonist receptor targeting delivery of ARG1 siRNA for chronic asthma안지원
2017-08Inhibition of biomarkers in asthma using RNA interference최문환
2017-08Studies on the Development of Targeted Gene Delivery Systems for Reversal of Atherosclerosis and obesityQurrat Ul Ain