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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019생쥐 Sertoli cell에서 miR-25-3p에 의한 혈액정소장벽 밀착결합 단백질 Claudin-11의 조절임예지
2019Effects of DHA-conjugation on the anticancer function of CP2c-targeting peptideJin Youn Lee
2019Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3에 의한 정자의 운동성 조절박승현
2019Hexanoyl- and acetyl-glycol chitosan derivatives for functional pancreatic islet cell spheroidYoung-woo Park
2019Assessment of hierarchical Oxidative Stress in Airway Epithelial Cells by Ultrafine Particulate matter treatmentShin, Seung Min
2019-02Non-degradible cell encapsulation of pancreatic islets with alginate-EGCG conjugation이재빈
2019-02Self-assembled polymeric micelles for combined delivery of anti-inflammatory gene and hydrophobic drug for acute lung injury therapyGyeung Yun, Kim
2019-02High-sensitive and Colorimetric Detection of Glucose with Glucose Oxidase-mimicking Gold Nanoparticles and Cerium Oxide NanoparticlesDawon Jang
2019-02Development of thermally expandable and micropatterned hydrogels for harvest and delivery of stem cell spheroidsPark, Jae Sung
2019-02Identification of potent selective inhibitors and crystal structures of PTPsHyun Yeol RYU
2019-02Membrane Protein ATP1A1 as a Specific Target for Diagnosis of Lung CancerKim Soohwan
2019-02Fabrication of the 3D printed scaffold with micropored strands for bone tissue engineeringSeok, Ji Min
2019-02Bio-inspired immobilization of Lactoferrin on nanofiber guided membranes for engineering bone regenerationJinki LEE
2019-02Conjugation of prostate cancer-specific aptamer to polyethylene glycol-grafted polyethylenimine for enhanced gene delivery to prostate cancer cellsJaewon Lee
2019-02A study on fat browning effect of white adipocyte-targeted recombinant fusion proteinHyunjoon WEE
2019-023-D printable self-healing hydrogel for tissue engineeringRoh, Hyun Ho
2018-08MRI 반응성을 지닌 glycyrrhizin-glycol chitosan conjugation 물질로 코팅된 나노산화철입자를 이용한 자기력 유도성 췌장세포 이식기술 및 면역반응 제어SOO BIN JANG
2018-08Anti-obesity effect of Chitosan-glycyrrhizin conjugate김영훈
2018-02생체모방형 마이크로입자 개발천연지
2018-02연골재생을 위한 생체적합 자가치유 하이드로젤 사용 3차원 바이오프린팅김상우