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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019유한요소해석을 이용한 저온 분사된 서멧 입자들의 적층 관련 특징 분석Jaeick Kim
2019Transient Liquid Phase Bonding behavior of Duplex Stainless Steel UNS S32750 Using Fe-B-Si Insert MetalSungjoo Roh
2019-02정전슬러리분무증착법을 이용한 메타필름의 미세구조 제어와 이의 응용이세욱
2019-02Tunnel Field Effect Transistor with High-K/Metal Gate Stack and Band Gap EngineeringDonghwan Lim
2019-02Thin Film Encapsulation of Aluminum Oxide by Ozone-based Atomic Layer DepositionSeokyoon Shin
2019-02The study on the characteristics of low temperature silicon nitride thin film for gate spacer using remote plasma atomic layer depositionWoochool Jang
2019-02Impact and electromigration reliabilities of Pb-free joints formed on eco-friendly Cu-Zn wetting layerJae-Yong Park
2019-02Fan-out electronic packaging technology utilizing flip-chip self-alignmentHwan Pil PARK
2019-02Behavior of the sigma phase in Mn containing superaustenitic stainless steel weld metalsChangmin Lee
2019-02Atomic-scale simulation study on surface-dependent structural, electronic and chemical properties of nanostructuresMinyeong Je
2019-02A study on improvement of transmittance through optimization of Y2O3 transparent ceramic microstructure using a spark plasma sinteringCheol Woo Park
2019-02A study on growth of bulk GaN single crystal by HVPE and improvement of GaN wafer yieldJae Hwa Park
2018-08New application of deep-UV irradiation for amorphous InGaZnO (a-IGZO) based transistor and diodeMyeong-Ho Kim
2018-08Microstructure control to improve creep strength of alumina-forming austenitic heat-resistant steelMin-Ho Jang
2018-08Molecular interaction in graphene and its influence in sensing applicationsSun Sang Kwon
2018-02고성능 아연 질산화물 기반의 플렉시블 박막트랜지스터 기술 연구옥경철
2018-02Design of novel phase-change materials based on In3SbTe2 for low-power consumption and fast switching phase-change memory최민호
2017-08전고체전지용 Li2S-P2S5-Li2SO4 글래스 세라믹스 고체전해질의 향상된 전기화학적 특성 평가손승현
2017-08플렉서블 배터리 응용을 위한 리튬인산철(LiFePO4) 합성과 환원된 그래핀 산화물과의 복합화석동일
2017-08핫 스템핑 공정 시 사전변형에 따른 Al 7075 합금의 시효 거동에 따른 영향정선호