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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019출력식 유도를 통한 와전류 브레이크의 제동력 향상 설계조수영
2019자동차 제동 시스템용 모터의 코깅토크 특성 개선 연구유진승
2019변속기 장착 전기구동 (TMED) 방식 하이브리드 전기 트럭의 최적 상위제어 알고리즘에 대한 연구박태호
2019교류구간 맥동현상과 직류구간 공진현상 저감을 위한 철도차량용 전력변환장치 제어기법이창희
2019Experimental Studies on the Structure of the Cathode layer Forming at the Exposed Elelectrode in Atmospheric Surface Dielectric Barrier DischargeSang -You Kim
2019Resonance Damping for an LCL filter Type Grid-Connected Parallel Inverters Using Active Disturbance Rejection ControlMuhammad Saleem
2019A Study on Generalized Model Predictive Control based on Hierarchical Structure for Flying Capacitor Multilevel Rectifier in Solid State TransformerSi-Hwan Kim
2019A Study on Performance and Robustness Improvement of Model Predictive Current Control for Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous MotorShin-Won Kang
2019A Study on Control Framework and Coordinated Droop Control Method for Enhancement of Scalability in DC MicrogridsByoung-Sun Ko
2019-02독립회전차륜의 전기구동시스템 및 능동제어전략 연구오예준
2019-02Non-centralized Control Method of DC Microgrids Based on Voltage Sensitivity MatrixGi-Young Lee
2019-02Generalized Switching Method for DC-link Capacitor RMS Current Reduction in Battery Energy Storage SystemChoi, Ki Young
2019-02Integrated recognition of distribution system conditions using waveform feature learning modelSang keun MOON
2019-02A Study on Indirect Rotor Position Estimation using Phase Inductance Nonlinearity of 4/2 Switched Reluctance MotorJae-Hoon Kim
2019-02Analysis of characteristics of inductively coupled plasmas using two-dimensional simultaneous plasma diagnosticsPark, Il Seo
2019-02A Study on High Efficiency Two-stage Battery Charging Systems over a Wide Range of Output VoltageYeong-Jun Choi
2019-02Analyses on Plasma Flow Measurement in Collisional Plasmas with Negative Ions by Laser Induced Fluorescence and Mach ProbeKang, In Je
2018-08단일 전류센서를 갖는 매입형 영구자석 동기기의 고주파 신호 주입 기반 센서리스 제어의 성능 향상에 관한 연구임준혁
2018-08작은 DC-링크 커패시터를 갖는 3-레벨 NPC 인버터를 위한 새로운 중성점 전압 제어에 관한 연구구남준
2018-08Design and Fabrication of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting System for IoT SensorsJung Hwan Ahn