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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-08Optimization of Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery with Temperature-Triggered Biosurfactant and BiopolymerEunji Hong
2018-02지구화학적 반응을 고려한 역학적 계면활성제-CO2 폼 공법 모델링김관우
2018-02미소진동자료를 이용한 균열대의 영상화를 위한 포인팅벡터 기반 영상조건조영화
2018-02The Effect of Ba2+ and Sr2+ on EOR Efficiency in Carbonate Reservoir during Low-Salinity WaterfloodingPark, Yongjun
2018-02구리 단체분리도 향상을 위한 PCB 열처리에 관한 연구김보람
2018-02Economic Benefit and Carbon Dioxide Reduction in Electric Vehicles Compared to Conventional Gasoline Vehicles진교화
2018-02OBC 탄성파 탐사 자료의 파분리를 위한 Matching Pursuit 내삽 기법 적용 연구이재강
2018-02Fermentative hydrogen and volatile fatty acids (VFA) production from fruit wastes (FW)장성은
2017-08Enhanced energy recovery through serial fermentations of microalgal biomass for the production of bioalcoholsMarwa Mohamed Abdelkader El-Dalatony
2017-08A study on the improvement of velocity model for microseismic event mapping using the modified Fresnel volume approach이상민