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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Statistical Analysis of Tsunami Height with L-moment MethodKang Cheol
2019Development of BIM model suitable for earthworks using point cloud processing algorithmHeeyeon Kim
2019Accuracy Analysis of Calculation of Volume of Rock Layer Using Kriging MethodHUA, ZHUANG
2019-02Phosphorous/ammonia recovery and electricity production by using magnesium-air fuel cell electrocoagulationJae Chul Park
2019-02Modeling of Rock Layer and Calculation of Volume using BIM TechnologyKyungtae Kim
2019-02Study of Temporary Structure Design Modeling and its Application for Parking Structure using DynamoHuHuiqin
2019-02Sensitivity Assessment of Seismic Slope Factor of Safety to Slope Parameters Using Pseudo-static AnalysisLee, Donghyuk
2019-02Photocatalytic degradation of endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) by using UV-LED light guide and immobilized nanotubular TiO2.Hyunsoo Seo
2019-02Insights into the sorption performances of diverse adsorbents towards gaseous benzene over a wide range of partial pressureChae-Jin Na
2019-02Insights into breakthrough properties of gaseous benzene under varying adsorptive conditionsJae-Won Shin
2019-02Independent Analysis of Plate Fragments Using Revised Explosion Analysis MethodHansol Jang
2019-02Experimental study on structural performance improvement of Concrete Steel Tube jointsKim, Min Woo
2019-02Development of Predictive Equations for Earthquake Induced Settlement and Fragility Curves of Fill DamsJongmin Baeg
2019-02Activated carbon as a medium for sampling and analysis of volatile organic compounds in thermal desorption-gas chromatography-mass spectrometryYoon-Seo Lee
2019-02A experimental study on the self-healing performance of coated aggregate with bentonite and Ca(OH)2 for application of underground infrastructureYun JunSu
2018-08The adsorption and catalytic capacities of porous materials against formaldehyde in liquid phaseDeng, Ya Xin
2018-08Removal of iron and manganese in groundwater by KMnO4 based sand filter and air injectionSang-Young Oh
2018-08Estimation of permanent displacement of gravity quay wall under seismic loading by numerical analysisInsuk Han
2018-08Analysis of the effect of pavement layer on the evaluation of exposure dose in remediation of decommissioning siteWoo Jae Choi
2018-08Development of Intelligent Compaction System for Efficient Quality Control of RollerLee Soo Min