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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-02염해환경 내에서 MgO를 첨가한 산업부산물 기반의 콘크리트 실험에 관한 연구박향종
2018-02행성 현지 자원활용을 위한 한국형 화성 복제토 제작강상준
2018-02행성 거주지 건설을 위한 적층식 폴리머 콘크리트 성능 분석이준석
2018-02역사 및 가상 지진해일에 의한 임원항의 침수면적 예측우소영
2018-02화재로인한 프리스트레스 손실로 발생한 PSC 박스 거더의 거동분석송책
2018-02확률론적 지진해일고 분포변화 연구김관혁
2018-02달 이착륙장 건설을 위해 폴리머 바인더를 이용한 벽돌의 조립 시공 적용설동욱
2018-02새로운 지침을 반영한 임원항 재해정보도 작성김원진
2018-02Variation of polyvinylidene fluoride membrane characteristics by exposure intensity of sodium hypochlorite김우하
2018-02급경사에서 고립파의 최대 처오름높이 연구이상영
2018-02The Analysis of Solid Fragmentation under the Impact LoadSujin Park
2018-02Optimization of coagulation conditions using magnetic based ballast materials in water treatment process이진실
2018-02Flume experiments for studying the effects of the tip speed ratio on the flow pattern in the wake of a horizontal-axis hydrokinetic turbineLee, Jiyong
2018-02Optimum Design of Simply Supported Plate Girder Bridge김민주
2018-02Quantification of characterization of amine terminal groups on different generations of magnetic-cored dendrimersSoo-Jin Lee
2018-02Development of National Seismic Hazard Map Compatible Uniform Hazard Response SpectrumLee, Sang Min
2018-02Development of an environmental impact assessment model with monetary valuation for South Korea어세연
2018-02A study on the Durability and Hydration of Geo-polymer Concrete with Slag,Fly Ash, Polysilicon Sludge김한샘
2018-02Adjustment Formula Development of Design Rainfall-Runoff Analysis Method by Natural Flow-Regional Frequency Analysis채병석
2018-02Cavity Detection by Impact Echo Method applying Improved Signal processing김택진