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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Study on the Improvement of the Power Efficiency of InGaN-Based Light-Emitting DiodesChan-Hyoung Oh
2019Automatic License Plate Extraction and Recognition Framework for ITS Security Applications Using Machine LearningKhurram Khan
2019-02Image Pre-processing Techniques for Improving Object Recognition Performance of Deep Neural NetworksJameel Ahmed Khan
2019-02비직교 무선 네트워크 보안을 위한 중첩 전송방법최윤성
2018-08Study on the optoelectronic performances affected by microstructural variations in InGaN-based multiple-quantum-well light-emitting diodesA.B.M.HamidulIslam
2018-08Regularity Extraction and Placement Techniques for Datapath-Intensive CircuitsYu Wang
2018-08Efficient and Reliable Protocols Design for Cooperative Radio Networks최민환
2018-08Spectrum Utilization based Performance Evaluation for Cognitive Radio NetworksMohsin Ali
2018-02Transmission Control for Multichannel Random Access Networks with Applications to Machine Type CommunicationsWaqas Tariq Toor
2018-02The Signal Distortion and Failure Characteristic Analysis for Intermittent Nanometer-scale Fracture of the Solder Ball in a BGA Package DeviceHosung Lee
2018-02Optimal Wireless Communication Design over Impulsive Noise Environment오형국
2017-08Performance Evaluation of Extended Access Barring for Narrowband IoTXuelian Wu
2017-08IoT 기반의 잔상을 이용한 속도 적응형 공동 풀컬러 LED Display 시스템 설계 및 구현이재룡