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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-08복합재료 UAV 응용을 위한 광대역 저자세 세그먼트 루프 안테나 설계강도구
2018-08Processing-in-Memory Architecture for Multiply-Accumulate Operation with Link Power Management on Hybrid Memory Cube전동익
2018-08고휘도 발광다이오드를 위한 수소기상증착법을 이용한 질화갈륨 기판 성장과 가공 연구심재형
2018-08Study on Two-terminal-electrode Vertical Thyristor based Cross-point Memory-cell without SelectorSeung-Hyun Song
2018-08Machine Learning Based Fast Algorithms for Coding Unit Size Decision in Video CompressionLee, Dokyung
2018-08Highly Efficient and Accurate DC-DC Converters and Fast Battery Charger for Mobile Applications정영호
2018-08High SNR and High Frame Rate Analog Front-End ICs with Multi-Functional Active Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screen PanelsJae-Sung An
2018-08High-Accuracy LED Current Drivers for Display and Lighting Applications안현아
2018-08Integrated Circuit Solutions for Energy HarvestingPark, Jeongpyo
2018-08Frequency-Domain Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Reduction Techniques Using Single-Channel and Multi-Channel MicrophonesJihwan Park
2018-08Fast Thumbnail Extraction Methods with Partial Decoding in HEVC BitstreamWonjin Lee
2018-08Compact Li-Ion Battery Charger and Fully Integrated Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter for Mobile Applications정경훈
2018-08Ground Radiation Techniques for Electrically Small AntennasQu, Longyue
2018-08Analysis of Ground Shape Effect on Mobile AntennasHONGKOO LEE
2018-02Efficient HEVC Screen Content Coding using Hash-based Block Matching Technique김일승
2018-02주파수 도약 시스템에서 부분대역재밍에 강인한 시간 동기이주형
2018-02옥타데실아민-그래핀 양자점 기반의 발광 소자의 전기적 및 광학적 특성 연구김대훈
2018-02이종 IoT 환경에서의 서비스 연동 게이트웨이금승우
2018-02Vital Signs Monitoring and Gesture Recognition through IR-UWB Radar SensorsFaheem Khan
2018-02고분자 유기전해질을 사용한 비휘발성 전도성 브릿지 메모리의 전기적 필라멘트 형성과 파괴 메커니즘에 대한 연구송명진