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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019X-Band Radar Antenna Design Using Constructive Superposition of the Electromagnetic FieldsJIN, YUNNAN
2019Stochastic computing system with neuromorphic architecture using Magnetic Tunnel JunctionsGi Yoon Bae
2019Voice Activity Detection and Speech Endpoint Detection Based on Ensemble of Deep Neural Networks for Online Speech RecognitionInyoung Hwang
2019Efficient Tube Rearrangement Algorithms for Online Video SynopsisMoonsoo Ra
2019High-speed Synthesis of Zinc-Tin Oxide Nanoparticles and Applications to Optoelectronic devicesTaek Gon Kim
2019Compensation Methods for TFT Characteristic Variations of High Image Quality AMOLED DisplaysNack-Hyeon Keum
2019A Study on Macro-model and Robust Sensing Scheme for Next-generation Resistive Memory (STT-MRAM and PRAM)Jun Tae Choi
2019A study on the Cu and Graphene/Cu nanowire for transparent conducting electrodeDong Su Shin
2019Design of Intelligent Lane Change System for Connected and Automated VehiclesHong Il An
2019-02열전대열 적외선센서 기반 인체감지 거리 확장시스템강건일
2019-02멀티프로세서 시스템의 확정적 리플레이를 위한 커널 레벨 접근 방법윤현민
2019-02스마트 안경용 T-형태 접지면 소형 MIMO 안테나유종인
2019-02Study on Interface and Strain Engineering of III-Sb MOSFETs for Low Power CMOS Logic DeviceIL PYO ROH
2019-02Research on Channel-Adaptive Random Access With Discontinuous Channel MeasurementIn-gil Ryu
2019-02Performance enhancement of the ground radiation antennaMoon, Sung Jin
2019-02Multi-Dimensional Parameter Estimation for FMCW Radar SystemYingchun Li
2019-02Design of Wearable Antennas for Micro-and Millimeter Wave WBAN ApplicationsYoungtaek Hong
2019-02Edge Adaptive Interpolation of Color Filter Array Images Using Taylor Series ApproximationDAEJUN PARK
2019-02Development of microfluidic devices for the separation and capture of circulating tumor cellsYousang Yoon