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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-08건물 내 스마트 그리드를 위한 수요 반응 알고리즘의 실험적 평가김세환
2014-08A Development of Demand Response Model and Algorithm Based on State-Task Network for Industrial Facilities in Smart Grid정월민
2015-02직류 전계분포 해석 기법을 적용한 500 kV급 HVDC 폴리머 애자 최적 절연 설계성재규
2015-02Research on a GaN HEMT On-Board Charger for Electric Vehicles조국은
2015-08Design of Novel Dual-airgap Spoke-type Permanent Magnet Machines with Phase-group Concentrated-coil Windings조문량
2015-08Novel Dual-Stator Spoke-Type Permanent Magnet Vernier Machines for the Improvement of Torque Density and Power Factor조비
2015-08Real Time Target Localization with Angle and Time-to-go Information이산울라
2015-08Demand Response in Smart Grid: A Stackelberg Game-Theoretic Approach우맹맹
2016-02클러터 환경에서 표적 상태 추정을 위한 다중스캔 베이시안 스무딩 알고리듬 연구김태한
2016-02Research on Hybrid Localization Algorithm based Multi-Group Robot Service System with Application to Shopping Mall Environment계성남
2016-02HVDC 전력 케이블 접속함 개발을 위한 도전율 계측 기반 직류 전계해석 및 최적 절연설계 연구황재상
2016-08Wide Speed Range Operation of Non-Salient Permanent Magnet Motors샤히드아티크
2016-08Design and Control of a Single-Stage LED Driver with Low Output Current Ripple이이
2016-08Novel High Voltage DC Circuit Breakers having Current Limiting Capabilities and their Application in Multi-Terminal HVDC Systems우메르아미르칸
2016-08Modulation Techniques for Leakage Current Reduction in Transformer-less Photovoltaic Inverter Systems아르살란안사리
2016-08Gaussian Mixture 기반의 다수스캔 자동표적추적 및 클러터밀도 추정기법 연구김우찬
2016-08Smoothing Data Association for Maneuvering Target Trajectory Estimation in a Heavily Cluttered Environment수프얀메몬
2016-08Neural Oscillator-based Motion Control for Bio-Mimetic Robot Systems사자드만주르
2017-02다단자 직류 그리드의 고장전류 특성을 기반으로 한 한류 차단 방식에 대한 연구이종건
2017-02A Study on Multiscan Automatic Target Tracking Algorithms in Cluttered Environment Using a High Pulse Repetition Frequency Radar쉬이팡