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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-08난소적출로 유도된 골다공증 모델 백서에서 척추 골 유합을 위한 인간 지방유래 줄기세포 (human-Adipose tissue derived stem cells)의 주입을 통한 효과에 대한 고찰나민균
2018-08흰 쥐 호흡성 심정지 모델에서 새로운 단방향 밸브를 이용한 지속적 산소공급의 효과이윤재
2018-08서울지역 알레르기 소아에서 꽃가루 감작률 증가와 수목류 꽃가루가 날리는 기간의 변화김경훈
2018-08The effect of administration of minocycline on cerebral cortex of traumatic brain injury rat modelJung Hyun Lee
2018-08Spleen Stiffness Measurement using Two Dimensional Shear-Wave Elastography:Cho, Young Seo
2018-08Identification of Human Aqueous Humor Leucine-rich G protein-coupled receptor-5 as a Novel Biomarker of Proliferative Diabetic RetinopathyHong, Eun Hee
2018-08One layer pancreaticojejunostomy using reinforcing suture in pancreaticoduodenectomyYun Kyung Jung
2018-08Proteomics analysis of LGR5 knockdown in neuroblastoma cells한명훈
2018-08Computed tomographic assessment of sagittal plane alignment of the thoracolumbar junction in the young adult KoreanSae Min Kwon
2018-02환자 중심성 평가를 위해 실제성을 강화한 표준화 환자 시나리오의 유용성박계영
2018-02쥐에서 급성 동량성 혈액희석이 위장 문합치유에 미치는 영향김태연
2018-02폐기능과 총 사망률 및 심혈관계 사망률 관련성박소영
2018-02우리나라 결핵 신환자의 치료결과 현황 및 관련 요인손현진
2018-02망막신경절세포의 새로운 생체외 일차배양법의 개발김대우
2018-02Therapeutic effects of a novel PARP-1 inhibitor, JPI-289, in models of acute ischemic stroke김영철
2018-02The appropriate management algorithm for diabetic foot: A review of 274 cases over 12 years장정우
2018-02Evidence of Necroptosis in Various Liver DiseaseWaqar Khalid Saeed
2018-02Labyrinthine signal intensity of the patients with internal auditory canal mass on pre-enhanced and 4-hour delayed-enhanced 3D-FLAIR MRIKim, Tae Yoon
2018-02Patterns of herbal medicines use and its effects on pregnancy outcome in Bangladesh, Nepal, and YemenMansoor Ahmed
2018-02Impact of region of interest (ROI) size on the diagnostic performance of shear wave elastography in differentiating solid breast lesions문진희