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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019M13 bacteriophage-based color sensor as a simple screening tool for identification of phthalate species and discrimination of geographical origins of agriculture samplesDaun Seol
2019루돌프 슈타이너의 인지학을 수용한 미하일 체홉의 연기방법론 연구김영래
2019-02Study on fabrication methods of organic-inorganic hybrid thin films and applications of electric devicesLee, Lynn
2019-02Investigation of Chemical Stimuli Responsive Colorimetric Sensors and Enhancing Raman Detection Limit Using SERSNam, Jihye
2019-02Fabrication of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Thin Films Using Atomic Layer Infiltration and Molecular Layer Deposition and Their Application to Electronic DevicesJung Jin Won
2019-02Fabrications and Characterizations of Crystalline and Complex-index Materials Doped Hyperuniform Disordered Photonic MaterialsChun hee Seo
2019-02Fabrication of Metal and 2D materials Using Atomic Layer Deposition And Their Application to Electronic DeviceKim, Hong Bum
2019-02Development of Metal-Catalyzed or -Mediated Cyclization ReactionsTaeYun Ko
2019-02한국 영화 산업의 수익 다변화를 위한 글로벌 시장 확대 방안 연구정재승
2019-02‘자기 이야기’에 기반을 둔 참여연극의 효용성에 관한 연구김유진
2018-08Total syntheses of lobaric acid and its derivatives from the Antarctic lichen, Stereocaulon alpinum김태경
2018-08Markov blanket 변수선택법을 활용한 진동분광분석 정확도 향상 및 이차원 근적외선 상관분석을 이용한 물-무기산 간의 상호작용 연구장결
2018-08Study of polymer-utilized electrode materials of Li rechargeable batteriesChanyong Shin
2018-08한중 수교 이후 영화 합작 연구서효적
2018-02신규 타겟 기반 항 결핵제 개발 및 이의 메커니즘 분석 연구정인필
2018-02탄소나노튜브와 나노복합체의 광반응 특성 연구와 미래 나노소자에의 응용이종택
2018-02Synthesis of New Acryl-Based Functional Liquid Crystalline Monomers and Corresponding Polymers, and Their ApplicationsByun, In-Joon
2018-02Nanostructured Transition Metal Tellurides: Thin Film Fabrication, Characterization, and their applications to Electrochemical DevicesEun-Kyung Kim
2018-02Metal Chalcogenide Nanostructures for Energy Conversion and Storage Systems안도영
2018-02브레송의 시네마토그래프적인 연출에 대한 실천적 연구민용근