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Operation Situation of Academic Credit Bank System for Academic Degree of Cosmetology & Academic Research Trends

Operation Situation of Academic Credit Bank System for Academic Degree of Cosmetology & Academic Research Trends
Academic credit bank system; bachelor`s associate`s degree; operation situation; academic research trends
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패션비즈니스, v. 19, No. 6, Page. 74-81
The purpose of this study is to analyze the operation situation & academic research trends in Seoul and Gyeonggi area, based on theoretical consideration on academic credit bank system, focusing on academic credit bank system where a lifelong education institute affiliated with a university produces graduates with associate’s degree. To find out about how academic credit bank institutes are operated in cosmetology field, the analysis of literature review was used, in reference to the literatures as well as administrative data from the Ministry of Education and institutes for lifelong education with respect to academic credit bank system. Further, dissertations and articles in journals were also reviewed for analysis, in order to see academic research trends with respect to academic credit bank system in cosmetology, and finally to provide the directions for a follow-up study in the future. It was found that about 120 junior colleges have cosmetology departments, while only about 20 4-year universities have them, where lifelong education systems such as lifelong education are essential for learners to have bachelor’s degree to go to a graduate school in reality. Every year more people want to learn and acquire the degree through a lifelong education institute affiliated with a university. In this regard, it is thought that there should be first positive social awareness towards a degree recipient from such educations and more administrative promotion and active engagement of government, businesses and schools, in order to vitalize academic credit bank system. Meanwhile, there are only about 10 academic literatures including the dissertations on the operation of academic credit bank system with respect to cosmetology, which is not sufficient number in academic research, compared to the increasing number of people who want to acquire the degree. Most of the preceding studies have been limited to education services and learners’ satisfaction level. Therefore, continuous follow-up study is required on how to improve social awareness as well as teachers and instructors’ satisfaction level, as well as how to develop industry-customized curriculum, in order to ensure active academic credit bank system.
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